2019: Ijaw, Itsekiri should advocate for quality representation not ethnic interest – Mulade

A front line aspirant for the Delta State House of Assembly for Warri South-West constituency, Comrade Sheriff Mulade has dissociated himself from the group, Ijaw Political Movement, who quoted a report that Ijaw will not trade Senate for Reps and House of Assembly.

The group is of the opinion that the Itsekiri ethnic nationality and Ijaws are negotiating the senatorial seat for House of Assembly. Such views do not accommodate the interest of Isoko ethnic nationality which make up the Delta South Senatorial District.

We deemed it fit to set the record straight that Sheriff Mulade is of the view that the Delta South senatorial seat belong to the three ethnic groups Ijaw, Itsekiri and  Isoko and the issue of trade and not trading is not applicable to fair and legitimate power rotation.

It is not out of place for Itsekiri to project candidates seeking elective offices. Ijaw, Isoko and Itsekiri must unite politically to grow politically and attract development to our region, anybody can run for the elective offices if anyone feels qualified; it is not a commodity to be given a price tag but a process governed by law.

Having spent about 16 years in the Red Chamber of the National Assembly, Senator James Manager, representing the Delta South Senatorial district is a product of democratic process which fair participation is the right of every eligible aspirant. It is important we look beyond ethnic politics and consider quality representation for the betterment of our communities and region.

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