2019: Niger Delta activist identifies best Nigerian candidates to vote for in the forthcoming elections

As Nigerians eagerly prepare to elect next leaders for the nation, a Niger Delta based peace and human rights advocate, Comrade Sheriff Mulade, has urged electorates to vote for candidates with unwavering integrity and interest to restore peace, unity and socio-economic development to its rightful place in our country Nigeria, states, local governments and communities.

Sheriff Mulade, who is a stakeholders in the Nigeria politics, made the call in Benin City Edo state, said: “Candidates who lack integrity and those hiding under some popular political parties to take advantage of the poor Nigerians should be rejected for the good of the country, we should not allow politicians to buy our votes for temporary benefits.”

Mulade further noted that in an election year, it is easy for electorates to find themselves overwhelmed by political promises of empowerment, job creation and security.

However, he said electorates are responsible for the character of who they vote for. Nigerians are suffering today because ignorant, reckless and corrupt politicians were tolerated and given the opportunity to take advantage of the poverty, joblessness and hopelessness they have spread due to their recklessness and corruption.

“We must realise that electorates hold the keys to the future of Nigeria development. Therefore you cannot afford to mortgage your future. We can change the direction of our country, voting is one key way to help turn this country around, if we sell it we will continue to suffer the harsh reality of poor electricity, bad roads, unemployment, poor healthcare and dilapidated economy that has killed many”. he added

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