55 Palestinians killed, 2771 injured as violence broke out over controversial inauguration of US embassy in Jerusalem

At least 55 Palestinians killed, 2,771 others injured during violent confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli forces near the Gaza Strip border with Israel on Monday, according to medical sources.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians protest and 37 were ealier killed by Israeli fire along the Gaza border as clashes erupt over the controversial inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

The United States blocked the adoption of a UN Security Council statement that would have called for an independent probe of deadly violence on the Israel-Gaza border.

Turkish President Erdogan accused Israel of state terror after thousands marched through central Istanbul to denounce the bloodshed in Gaza.

1,204 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli live ammo today in #Gaza. 116 in serious,critical condition – Gaza MoH. Over 3,000 protesters shot by Israeli soldiers using live ammo since the #GreatReturnMarch started. 101 died.

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