About Us

Emerald News is a 24 hour online publication. It is published by Emerald Media Connections.

Our business is the publication of news stories ranging from politics, education, business, health,  human angles and specialised features.

We believe that knowledge is a determinate factor of one’s actions, hence we publish all news stories to help Nigerians make informed decisions for the good of Nigeria.

We hope to bring a paradigm shift in the way and manner people think and make decisions. This is because we know the importance of information in taking important life decisions.

We publish breaking news all around Nigeria. We have a crop of seasoned writers and editors who produce well written stories as the news break.

You can trust us daily for all you need in the information dissemination business.

Our mission is to be the biggest online news producer in Nigeria and our vision is to be a leading light and a reference point in national and global news discussions.