After 20 years of PDP domination in Delta, this candidate is set to change the status quo, you can trust him with your votes

The Delta governorship candidate for African Action Congress (AAC), Comrade Frank Esanubi, has outlined series of programmes with which he intends to better the lives of the people of Delta state if he and his deputy, Rev. Udoka Ossaiga, are given the mandate to govern the state in the March 2, 2019 guber elections.

In a media briefing held on Tuesday at the Asaba correspondents chapel, Esanubi, who said he is ready to participate in a debate with other guber candidates, told journalists that the people of Delta have suffered enough in the hands of the ruling PDP since 1999 and it is time Delta people claim their destiny in their hands and break away from the ruling dynasty.

Esanubi, who said his programmes are geared towards changing the fortune of Delta people, added that as a government with good programmes, everybody in the state will feel the impact of his administration, noting that he is out to rescue Delta from the shackles of the ruling party that has dominated the state over the past 20 years.

He said while the ruling APC and PDP only boast of rented crowd in their campaigns, his party goes directly to the people in their communities, adding that he intends visiting at least 10 communities in each of the 25 local government areas in the state before the March 2 governorship elections.

Esanubi said his party is out to change the status quo, insisting that AAC has clear programmes that are tailored at meeting the needs of the people both in the grassroots, semi-urban and urban settings in the state.

The AAC guber candidate said other parties which boast of their membership strength and financial muscle are running planless campaigns which do not have clear cut programmes for the people of the state.

He said: “Other parties do not have plans and programmes for the people. They are doing jamboree. We are a movement funded by ordinary citizens. I challenge APC and PDP to make public their financial statements. They know the source of their funding is not transparent. We are running the most transparent campaigns in Delta state.

“We have clear programmes. Our priority is job creation. The level of unemployment in the state is alarming. This is my major priority. As soon as we come on board, we will provide business start up funds of N1million for every graduate in Delta state. We are going to reduce our aides. It costs about N20billion maintaining aides in the state. By so doing every graduate will be settled after graduation.

“We will revamp industries that have collapsed in the state. We will rescue, rehabilitate and bring them to life. Asaba textile mill, AT&P and Eternit both in Sapele. Within the first two years of our government, we do not intend to procure any car.

“We will go in MoU with car manufacturing firms to set up car assembly in the state. All kinds of cars will be assembled, ranging from security vehicles, transport and cars for private use. We will buy all cars from there.”

Esanubi, whose party has Omoyele Sowore as its presidential candidate, said the party is a conglomeration of about seven parties that merged to become one, adding that Sowore was shut out of the presidential debate because of his transparency and honesty.

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