After hours of presidential begging, this 22-year-old African rejects offer of becoming general in his country’s army but prefers fire service job in Paris (Check him out)

Accolades have greeted the decision of a 22-year-old Malian, Mamoudou Gassama, who decided to turn down presidential offer of making him a general in the Malian army back home in Africa.

In a facebook post by The Prime Guard, the president of Mali had approached Gassama trying to convince him to return to Mali from Paris, the capital of France where he has been made a French citizen and given a fire service job to come over to Mali and become a general in the Malian army.

The facebook poster said the president pleaded for several hours but the 22-year-old rejected the offer preferring to remain in France to coming back to Mali and becoming an automatic army general.

He had started his work in Paris, the France capital and he is doing excellently well.

Many people have poured praises on the decision of the young man for turning down the African offer in preference for the French government job. Some also said it would have been good for him to have returned and serve his country.

Some said the president of Mali was making a plan that may not work, saying “Where was Malian President before the young man left Mali? They noted that African governments do not keep promises, a development which might ruin the dream of the 22-year-old man.

Ugochukwu Charles said that President must be taking to psychiatric hospital for a mental valuation, insisting that the president came to the young man too late.


Ejovwoke Bethel Emudiakevwe said: “Where was the president when this young man was suffering. Now that God has elevated him, he is coming to beg him to do what… oya president commot from there.”

Ndulue Chinedu Princewill  said: “See, when they say village people, my people it is real!!! The president of Mali didn’t see him when he escaped from Mali o now that his life is about taking shape he appeared to confuse him, thank God he has sense cos this is how Africans kill talents!!! oduchiegbu!!!”

Ijies Young said: “African leaders with porous brain. They always search for already made when there are many Gassama, Anthony Joshua in Africa begging government to help them showcase their talents to the world. What is he doing in the Malian army? There are many Malians back home who want to be army. Leave this guy alone.”

Arinze Humphrey said: “He took a good decision to start work at the fire department in Paris. The Malian president can’t be trusted to fulfill his promise. Even at that, I support him staying back in France cos the same problem that forced him to leave the shores of Mali is still there unsolved.”

Divine Kenneth said: “We always fail to discover and appreciate a life of potential of the citizenry in almost if not all the African countries. France discovered what he has to offer to humanity, and young man just made the best choice and wisest decision by giving a nod to French’s government offer, even if I was in his shoes, I will turn down Malian President’s offer… Malian President could be giving an empty or temporary offer.”

Kalu Oji said: “He definitely doesn’t have the education and training to be a general in the army. Worst of, he could have been killed by army officials in Mali who may be jealous of his new position or he may not even get the position because the president could be making empty promises.”

But one Adams Bawa blamed him for that decision saying: “U don’t know the white people yet a little mistake u do someday will make them to deport u, I will rather be military general in my country and command a legion of army than to be a slave in the white man land, u fuckup brother.”

Another man Nwabueze Chukwuebuka Ndidiamaka Onyemaechi said: “He is such an ignoramus guy :its better to be hungry and be no man’s slave in my home than be fed and be a slave in a strange land..Imagine! Fire Service! If he abandon his people,who will now make things right..STUPID MENTALITY OF WE: THE AFRICANS

Ado Hussaini Ungo added “Of all places there is no place like home. The little lad should have a rethink and probably change his mind.

One Ike Adikam Nwadike said I hear the Mali president want to pay him 3times what France will pay him.


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