Alleged Rape: “Court of Appeal, not Politicians, ordered my release from prison custody”—Kpodoh

Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, the former Security Adviser to the Bayelsa State Government has dismissed as “a lie” and “fictitious” the claims by some politicians in the State that they influenced his release from the nine months prison custody over alleged rape charge.
According to Kpodoh, despite the known fact that he was falsely accused and remanded in prison custody for a bailable allegation brought against him, the Court of Appeal in Port Harcourt, Rivers State override the stance of the State High court and granted him release from prison custody.
The Court of Appeal sitting in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, in the detailed ruling on the ordered release of Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, faulted the position of the Bayless High Court, saying that “granting bail is not to set the accused free for all time in criminal process but to release him from custody of law and to trust him to appear at his trial at a specific time and place, on pain of revocation of the bail if he fails”
The Justices of the Court of Appeal, in the ruling delivered by Justice Mohammed Mustapha, in the Appeal numbered CA/PH/17CR/2019 , also stated that “there is little sense in not granting bail to an accused person who has satisfied the conditions necessary for doing so, besides to insist on keeping an accused person who has every right to bail goes against the grain of the constitutional presumption of innocence before guilt is pronounced. ”
On the issue of the alleged involvement of some highly placed politicians including the State Governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson in his release, Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, dismissed the claims and said “the prayers of the people, family and political associates ensured that God use the Court of Appeal to hear my plea and grant it. ”
Chief Kpodoh, said his Nine months in prison custody over the the allegation of rape, was an experience he would not forget for a long time, I want to thank everyone who visited, prayed and encourage me to see the experience as a price being paid for being an outspoken and practical politician. And I have also forgive everyone involved in the issues that led to my detention. ”

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