APC accuses PDP of false claims against against Sylva over Twon Brass unrest

The All Progressives Congress (APC) on Thursday accused the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of alleged false claims against the former Governor Timipre Sylva and the member of the State House of Assembly, Hon. Israel Sunny-Goli over the series of political clashes and unrest in Twon Brass the headquarters of Brass local government area of the state.

The chairman of the APC in Bayelsa state, Jothan Amos, said the assertion that the duo of Chief Timipre Sylva and Hon. Israel Sunny-Goli, stalwarts of the APC from Brass local government area are sponsors of the crisis in Town Brass is untrue. .

Hon. Jothan Amos, in a statement issued in Yenagoa, wondered why the Bayelsa state PDP chairman, Hon.Cleopas Moses, has made it a habit to always misinform the public in his desperation to curry public sympathy, and divert public attention away from the real perpetrators of evil in Brass council.

He stated that “While I condemn in totality, the wanton unrest in Twon-brass, i must not shy away from stating the facts as they are, and that is to say; the raging inferno in Twon-Brass was ignited and is being fueled by the PDP.

“It  is a deliberate strategy put in place by Gov. Henry Seriake Dickson, which his stooge, Victor Isaiah, the caretaker Chairman of Brass Council is masterfully executing, in their desperate bid at ensuring that the APC in Brass is conquered.”

“My primary aim here is to expose the grand deceit of the PDP hierarchy in the state, and lay bare the facts as they are, which is open to independent investigations for anyone desirous of unearthing the root cause of the orgy of violence in Twon-Brass.

“Brass local government council, by the way, is an APC stronghold in Bayelsa state, and Governor Dickson has vowed to end the APC dominance in Brass, by all means possible, even if it means killing members of the APC in Brass council, to achieve his evil agenda.

“That’s is why Governor Dickson, Mr. Cleopas and their ill thinking House of Assembly members cry foul over the posting of a true cop, police commissioner, all Dickson want is a compromised police commissioner who will cover up their wrong deeds.

“Let it be expressly known that Governor Dickson, found a willing tool in the person of Victor Isaiah, who habours fetish animosity against Chief Timpre Sylva and Hon. Israel Sunny-Goli, for a security job he claimed was taken away from him.

“This, as he has told many, exposed him to unimaginable hardship, until he was recruited by Governor Dickson to be his executor of evil. Suffice it to say, Brass has never known peace since Victor Isaiah became its caretaker chairman.

“It has rather sadly, with the speed of light, become an enclave of sordid violent attacks launched against members of the opposition party.

.”My question to Mr. Cleopas Moses is simple, was Twon-Brass enmeshed in the kind of wanton violence it is has continued to experience under the current caretaker chairman, during the reign of Barr. Andy Obed and Hon. Bello Bina, the immediate past predecessors of Victor Isaiah?

“Brass under the two immediate past predecessors of Victor Isaiah was relatively peaceful, with supporters of the APC and PDP enjoying a harmonious relationship. Why is the reverse suddenly the case with Mr Victor Isaiah?”


“I find it very hypocritical of Mr Cleopas, to have kept mute on the series of attacks members of the PDP and mercenaries at the behest of the Brass caretaker chairman, Victor Isaiah, have continued to unleash on the supporters of the APC in Brass

“Such deafening silence over such unwarranted barbarism that has even claimed two lives, and the prime suspect in that act of sheer savagery, Mr Victor Isaiah, who was prevented from being arrested by thugs mobilized by the state government, and who has continued to take refuge in government house, as the state government is shielding him from prosecution, is to say the least, most unconscionable.  Scores of APC supporters in Brass have their bodies riddled with bullets wounds and machete cuts, these are verifiable facts.

“Just last week, a renowned adherent of the APC, Hon. Robert Desmond had his house vandalized, and his viewing center set ablaze, yet Mr Cleopas chose to peddle falsehood against the victims of his party’s diabolism. The house of Hon. Israel Sunny-Goli, has been attacked and vandalised twice this year, by PDP thugs, yet Mr Cleopas would rather pretend it never happened.

“I am appealing to all APC faithfuls in Brass and the state in general not to take the laws into their hands, by embarking on retaliatory attacks. Let us continue to remain law-abiding for justice shall surely prevail at the end. I am also using this medium to make a passionate appeal to the state commissioner of police, to please ensure that my party members are no longer easily preyed upon by the goons of the PDP. Above all, let the safety of all be guaranteed by the appropriate security agencies.

“Finally, the PDP is advised to desist from fanning the embers of discord in the state in general and in Brass local government council in particular. We must learn to politick in a rancour-free environment, bearing in mind that at the end of the day we are all Bayelsans”

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