Asaba Anglican bishop goes hard against Buhari, says his government the worse tragedy to Nigeria people

Bishop of the Asaba Anglican Diocese, Rt. Rev. Bishop Justus Mogekwu, has come hard against President Muhammadu Buhari, describing his government for the past three years as the greatest tragedy that has ever befallen the Nigerian people.

Mogekwu, who regretted that Nigerians voted for Buhari in 2015 believing that he was bringing positive change as he promised in his presidential campaign, said Buhari is running an ethnic and religious government with a view to subduing non-Fulani Nigerians under the Northern Islamic agenda.

In a telephone conversion with our reporter, the revered Bishop made reference to the killings and massacre in Benue, Taraba and other states as an orchestrated plot to reduce Nigeria to an Islamic state and wipe out Christianity from the country.

The Bishop, who condemned the seizure of arms from poor Nigerians but allow marauding Fulani herdsmen to go with arms, said it is a calculated plot to weaken the power of resistance and strengthen the power to oppress, intimidate and suppress.

He said: “What is happening and has happened in Benue state is a calculated attempt to destroy the Christian faith and impose Islam on the whole of Nigeria. Fulani issue is that of a long drawn plan to Islamize the whole of Nigeria.

“All the coastlands and all forests are covered by Fulanis, well armed to the teeth. The government knows this and they know what to do but they don’t want to do it.

“When the president gave instruction to the IGP, did he really mean he wanted that man to obey him? Only to turn around and say he did not know that IGP did not obey his directive. Is that a sign of a serious president?

“They know what they are doing. They said the Tivs were the people who resisted the spread of Islam down south and they have held that against them. Now they have come to take their pound of flesh. What is happening now is simply a continuation of the Islamisation policy and they are seriously pursuing this agenda.

“How can you go to a church and kill innocent worshippers and their priests and you tell people to fold their hands. Does that show that this government is serious about the lives and property of people? The Fulanis value the life of one cow over the lives of Nigerians.”

Mogekwu said Buhari’s government is a tragedy to Nigeria, consequently, he called on all Nigerians to rise against the Fulani oligarchy, vote them out and restructure the country for the good of all Nigerians.

He said permanent peace will continue to elude Nigeria if Buhari and his cabal are not overthrown, saying: “I can assure you that what has happened in Benue state will continue in other parts of Nigeria, they are not relenting and they will never relent. The power that should restrain them is very much in their favour.

“It is satanic plan of the Islamic agenda to ruin this country. Let us restructure Nigeria, let everybody develop according to their own ability. Let people be armed to defend themselves. Gen.Theophilus Danjuma did what he should have done, but it came rather late. He should have told people that what you should do is to arm yourselves and fight back.

“When these people know that they can be resisted, they will relent. In this part of Nigeria, in the night they bring in lorries and truck loads of armed Fulani herdsmen. And deposit them in our bushes, colonizing the entire place. The police cannot do anything because they are subject to the Hausa Fulani authority.

“So, they see Benue state as a kind of barrier to them in what they want to do. But their agenda they will pursue it vigorously. This is my conviction.”

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