Bayelsa Council Chairman, APC trade words over alleged conspiracy of frame-up over illegal possession of arms

The Chairman of the Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Hon. Victor Isiah and the leadership of the All progressive Congress (APC) in the state yesterday engaged in the exchanged of words over the alleged plot to invade his home and that of some of his aides by the military acting on the orders of top All Progressive Congress, APC, leaders in the state under the guise of responding on a tip-off of arms-stockpiling and related allegations.

While the Chairman of the Brass Local Government Council, Hon. Victor Isiah, despite his call to the high military authorities to cease being used by desperate, dirty and wicked politicians to advance their nefarious objectives, the calculated arrangement, framed by opposition APC chiefs is purposed at defaming his character and denting his image all in a bid to score irrelevant political gains and to incapacitate his voice in the build up to the forthcoming governorship election.

The APC, through the Chairman of the Brass Chapter of the Party, Comrade Baribote T Baribote, dismissed the allegation as laughable, careless and an infantile utterance of a frightened baby-dog, who has already in his heart accepted defeat in the forthcoming guber elections particularly in Brass Local Government Area.

According to the APC, “The Chairman’s statement is personally not surprising to me because he is known for dishing out unwarranted statements against leaders and law enforcement agents who are diligently carrying out their legitimate duties.The people of Brass have not forgotten how thugs lodging at the Chairman’s official Quarters murdered one Kelvin Ikurusi and Peter George, who until their untimely death were die-hard members of the APC”.

“It is therefore logical to think that Victor Isaiah is again, just like he did prior to the Presidential/National Assembly elections this year, stockpiling dangerous weapons to maim members of our great party in Brass LGA.In view of the foregoing, I humbly urge the Nigerian Army, the Department of State Services (DSS), the Nigerian Police Force and other conscientious law enforcement agencies to keep a close eye on the violent council chairman and his bloodthirsty aides, in order to avert a repeat of the sad event that occurred August 2018.”

The Chairman of the Brass Local Government Chairman, Hon. Victor Isiah has in his petition, accused the APC of adopting undemocratic practice executed by the military- before and during election to stifle potent voices in the PDP despite the fact that Nigeria is practicing a democratic system of government.

Honourable Isaiah stressed that the political ideology of the PDP in respect to the electoral guidelines, allow for openness, fair contest, tolerance and respect for the rights of other political parties, stating that rather than use the military to intimidate powerful opponents, the APC should channel the time, energy and resources to engage the electorates and canvass vote for it’s candidate, pointing out that the continued intimidation and attacks on the PDP by the APC is unsavoury to the advancement of democratic principles.

He further warned the leaders of the opposition, All Progressive Congress, APC, to terminate the plot to plant arms and ammunition at his official lodge, residence and property in Brass with intent to link him to illegal arms running in a bid to get him arrested and incarcerated during the election thereby weakening his political base.

Victor Isaiah condemning the cleverly hatched plot by the APC, said the dastard move is a desperate act to get him and other PDP top stalwarts arrested before the election, so as to have advantage of the situation and take control of the affected areas; declaring that the masterminds this time, have been beaten to their own game as a comprehensive security report on the matter has been lodged to the relevant security operatives with a view to arresting the architects, as well as to protect members of his family and associates.

The youthful council boss noting the unwarranted attacks and intimidation on stalwarts and supporters of the PDP by elements of the APC in the last general election in Brass, proclaimed the aggression will not be allowed to continue this time around because every life matters and nobody has monopoly of violence.

Victor Isaiah further maintained that as a law abiding Bayelsan and advocate of the ideals and good democratic precedents of the Restoration Government, he doesn’t support nor encourage criminality, thuggery, hooliganism and violence in any form, expressing regret over the plot to falsely ring him to an hideous criminal act.

Reiterating his position as the Chief-Security-Officer of Brass LGA, Isaiah admonished security operatives especially the military to seek his permission, collaboration, approval and assistant in a situation of threat to the security of the council area instead of playing into the hands of ugly, wicked and desperate politicians to destabilize the peace in the area.

Speaking more, he emphatically declared his resolve to stand up for his conviction, saying he and his supporters will never be deterred by the gimmicks, intimidation and attacks by the APC, but rather, he cheer up and sway the situation in favour of the PDP. Stating his intention, he said to put an end to the incessant attacks and intimidation by the APC, using military apparatus, he has put in place legal and government mechanisms to address, arrest and prosecute anyone implicated

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