Bayelsa stakeholders write IGP, seek removal of counter terrorism commander over gross misconduct

Stakeholders from Bayelsa state on Wednesday sent a protest letter to the inspector -general of police, Ibrahim Idris, over the alleged misconduct and corrupt practices of chief supretendent of police, Daniel Okere Chukuma,  the commander of the Nigeria Police Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) Base 22  located in Toru-Orua town of Sagbama local government area of the state.

According to the stakeholders, made up civil society groups and personnel of the CTU, the accused commander, Daniel Okere, is involved in the use of CTU personnel as security guards to private individuals in the state,  verbal and illegal posting of personnel to unauthorised beats, porous and defensenceless security at the base and contracting of CTU patrol vehicles to the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in Ahoda , Rivers which is not under his area of responsibility.

The stakeholders, in a petition dated 17th of July, 2018 and addressed to the inspector general of police, Ibrahim Idris, and the commissioner of police, Counter Terrorism Unit, Force Headquaters, stated that the protest letter was affirmed to by aggrieved personel of the CTU.

According to the petition Signed by Mr. John Okojie,  “We, the concerned stakeholders in Bayelsa in conjunction with the personnel of the above mentioned base, unanimously wish to complain against the above named officer for incompetency and corrupt practice, based on the following reasons.The counter Terrorism Unit base 22 Toru-Orua, Bayelsa state is a new base formed on the 03/11/2017 with a commander and two SPOs from the stipulated date to the time of this write up.

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“The personnel of the base have encountered so many challenges with regards to their welfare due to lack of administrative office. We were in the dark, we don’t know what is going on in the Nigeria police, today some of us are promoted to their next rank but they cannot update their record due to lack of the administrative office. We are truncated from the force headquarters, no lectures regarding to what is happening within the force.

“From the day we reported to base 22 Toru-Orua (i.e January to date) all deployments of personnel were done verbally via phone call. There is no any written posting till date and most of the beats where the personnel were posted to are unauthorized. There is no either IGP, DIG, AIG or CP approval.

“The worst of it is that CTU operatives were illegally deployed to guard individual residents and streets. Two operatives are posted on guard duty at the resident of one Pastor at Azikoro road Yenagoa. And others were drafted for street security guards like vigilante group in Samphino and Tombia streets respectively.

“Base 22 is located in Toru-Orua town of Sagbama local government area of Bayelsa state a place of some of the displaced militants who are still in possession of their arms despite the amnesty program and they are using their arms to perpetuate heinous crime/attack in the area and its environs. Today the base is only left with only one Inspector and two rank and files as base guards.

“The base has only a total number of three Toyota Hilux operational vehicles. Two were allocated to the base by his Excellency the executive governor of Bayelsa state. And one is issued from force headquarters. Out of the two that were allocated by the state government, one is hijacked by the command CP. Then the two Hilux were personally contracted to Shell Company and deployed in different locations. And the base is left without even a bicycle as means of transportation.

“The commander, CSP Daniel Okere Chukuma is the only person doing every job by himself because of his greed, corrupt and selfness. The failure to exercise a standard of care on reasonable personnel’s who on the course of discharging their duty sustained injury and lost their phones.

“And expand several rounds of live ammunition. The personnel arrested two armed robbers with two locally made pistols and three round of AK47 live ammunition on the 8/7/2018 at about 1000 hrs at the base. And nothing was done to compliment the personnel for their gallantry performance. Not even sending a situation report to the force headquarters informing them about the incident.

“We hereby forward to inform you the above addresses that we cannot continue to be under the leadership of such corrupt, irresponsible, and incompetent leader. This is the only commander in the history of CTU that collapsed in a riot scene just because of teargas and lost his arm (Riot Gunner) and was issued query by the command CP as a result.

“We are appealing to the authority to remove this incompetent and corrupt leader and replace him with competent one, please”.


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