Beware! This man gave his phone to somebody to transfer money to his account, read what happened to him

Last Friday, I ordered food from my food vendor, but a different guy delivered it. I asked what happened to the guy that usually serves me food, and was told that he was arrested by the police.

Yesterday, I ordered again, and the arrested guy brought the food. I asked him why he was arrested, and the story below will shock you.

He was at the ATM last weekend to withdraw some money. After withdrawing and about to leave, a man whom I met in the ATM stand that evening walked up to me and complained about how his bank was not available and he needed money urgently to settle bills.

In fact, he told me that his car knocked someone down and he needs money to pay the hospital bills.

He asked if he could transfer the sum of N90 thousand naira to my account, so I could help him withdraw with my 🏧 card. After considering what hospitals do to patients that have no money to deposit before treatment, I gave him my account number  and he transferred the money and i withdraw it with my  🏧 card. He thanked me profusely and we departed.

Few days later, I got a call from my bank to come and fill a form. When I got to the  bank, I was asked to sit and a BVN Re-registration form was given to me. After some minutes, some policemen came and I was arrested for phone theft and fraudulent transfer and withdrawal of funds.

To cut a sad story short, the man I helped at the ATM stole someone’s phone,hacked his account and transferred to  unsuspecting nine(9)persons in different ATM machines    across Enugu.

We all helped him withdraw close to 1m that day!

I was made to pay for the 90 thousand naira he sent to my account , hence my release from police custody.

Please learn from this story!

Emmanuel Chukwudi Okoye


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