BREAKING: Fear grips South South PDP governor, makes frantic efforts for soft landing, may defect to APC

Bayelsa: Governor Dickson’s show of support to Sylva, unacceptable without apology to APC—Kpodoh

Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, the former security adviser to the Bayelsa state government, has described as unacceptable the show of support by the state governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson towards the nomination and successful screening of Chief Timipre Sylva on the floor of the Senate as ministerial nominee by President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to Chief Kpodoh, Governor Dickson purported show of sportsmanship will remain suspicious without an open apology to the former governor, Chief Timipre Sylva, and the All Progressive Congress (APC) faithful in the state following years of name calling and labelling the party leader as a cultist, murderer and man of violence.

Chief Kpodoh, in a statement issued via email on Monday, insisted that though he is out to defend the former governor and ministerial nominee, Chief Timipre Sylva, his demand for apology from Governor Dickson to the APC and the Bayelsa people is due to the need to conform with sense of decency when playing politics and desist from alleged frame up of members of opposition in the state.

According to Kpodoh: “You cannot demonize a man in the market and try to apologise to him at home. The show of support by Governor Dickson is a mockery of events heralding the nomination and confirmation of former Governor Timipre Sylva as minister.

“A man he has openly accused of various criminal charges. A man that he accused to be cultist, killer, murderer and many other demonised manner.

“Because Sylva has now been appointed a minister, the need for him to seek soft landing after his tenure and his subtle threat to his PDP over possible defection is reportedly making him embark on show of mockery termed show of sportsmanship.

“Bayelsa people have gone beyond such deceit. He should apologise openly to Sylva over the name calling and apologise to the APC family over the various name calling against the state party leader.

“Dickson should apologise to Sylva because he is the symbol of APC in the state. We hear he is working for soft landing and such action should not be allowed. The apology is necessary because many members of opposition have been framed up at one time or another.

“I was framed up at one time and accused of arms dealings. At another time, a woman was used to set me up.If not for the Appeal Court that granted me bail,they would have left me to die.

“Now they have started. A Bayelsa monarch accused the governor of plot to kill him and the governor has also raised the alarm that they wanted to plant guns in his compound. Are you seeing the drama in the name of politics?

“They were friends and now becoming enemies because of political differences. When would all these stop?And who are those behind such frame ups?.”

Chief Kpodoh, however, called on the national leadership of the All Progressive Congress (APC) to review parameters adopted by the party for soft landing to state governors that are planning to defect from another party.

According to Kpodoh, the people of Bayelsa state are concerned at the reports indicating that Governor Seriake Dickson may be planning defection if the PDP refused to allow him produce a successor.

“Bayelsa people will not allow such action. What Bayelsa people want is a detailed show of stewardship on his seven years administration. The last check showed that Governor Dickson should account for the over N96billion accord under the compulsory saving law he initiated.

“Everyone in charge of state governance must give account of his stewardship. Every penny spent must be accounted for and the remaining must be handed over to the next administration. They must also account for the monies used for investments in South Africa and England under the BDIC.

“APC, as a party, cannot also forget the issue of the most expensive airport in Nigeria built by Bayelsa government for N80 billion. If Governor Dickson is ready to give account and his records are clean,then he can take a political journey he deems fit after February 14,2020.’

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