Buhari’s 2019 elections under threat as troubling allegations mount against him at ICC

There is a petition at the International Criminal Court (ICC) alleging ‘serious crimes’, ‘credible and troubling allegations’ against Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, the US NIGERIA LAW GROUP said on Tuesday.

It said: “We have recently obtained a copy of a petition filed against General Buhari seven years ago at the International Criminal Court.

“The said petition was mentioned in the memo we sent to ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda raising concerns over General Buhari’s red carpet reception at The Hague when he is a subject of a petition alleging serious crimes,” the group said in a statement signed by international human rights lawyer, Emmanuel Ogebe.

“We wish to know what was the outcome of the preliminary examination of these credible and troubling allegations,” the statement issued in Washington USA said.

According to the US NIGERIA LAW GROUP, “While Gen. Buhari’s role in the Biafra genocide does not fall within the purview of the ICC, his role in the 2012 post-election violence and the continuing onslaught of the Fulani killer herdsmen amongst others are fully within the scope for investigation.

“This is all the more critical to stem impunity in cases of political violence as was recently displayed in last week’s Ekiti state elections.

“It remains unclear why Kenya’s sitting president was arraigned for election violence at the ICC while the same was not done in Nigeria.

“The prosecutor should please clarify what would appear to be a clear double standard.”


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