Campus Gist: New date announced as faculty of education IMSU re-schedules election

Barely two months and still counting after the indefinite postponement of Imo State University SUG election, the faculty of education has followed suit after being agog with electoral activities that will see new set of leaders who will steer the affairs of ‘ESAN’ (Education Students Association Of Nigeria), Imsu Elijah, the wireless informant, can report.

Education which is the largest faculty in IMSU with over 17 programmes surpassing other faculties in the university is respected as the most vibrant thus its election is the most dynamic and competitive ever in the history of students’ association on the campus.

The election originally billed for Friday 13th April has been moved to month end sighting unforeseen circumstance of the 100L examination as reason behind the move.

In an official notification which emanated from the electoral committee, duly signed by the chairman and secretary, state that new date for the election is now 30th of April, immediately after the 100Level examination.

The notification sent reads thus:

“This is to inform the students of Faculty of Education that the Forthcoming ESAN Election which waa scheduled to hold on the 13th of April has been postponed to 30th of April.”

“This postponement is due to late notification and sighting that the date for the Election is too close to the 100Level Examinations”.

“The 100Level students will be given a chance to read properly for their exams without distractions since it’s their first Examination and on this note the Election will hold immediately after the 100Level examination.”



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