Crack in Atiku’s campaign as Ex-militants, support groups make BIG revelation, say Tompolo has hijacked campaign structure in Niger Delta

A group under the aegis of coalition of Ex-militants, youths and support groups has cried out over alleged unwillingness to adhere to promises made to Ex-militants, support groups by the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

In a statement mailed to, leader of the group, Augustine Lakemfa, alleged that Government Ekpemukpolo a.k.a. Tompolo, has bought over the former vice president with $3m given to him to support his campaign.

Lakemfa stated that as against the understanding the coalition reached with Atiku to work for him after their appointment as group coordinators to expend their money until he disburses money to them to carry on his campaign, the PDP presidential candidate has reneged on his promise.

Disappointedly, Lakemfa noted that as they demand their money from Atiku to enable them continue with their campaigns in the region, he said “the information reaching us has it that Tompolo told Atiku not to spend money in the region that he has settled everybody who needs to be given money.”

In the contrary, however, Lakemfa holds the PDP candidate in contempt for refusing to fulfill the promise he made, noting that Atiku would be offending the entire region if he believes that Tompolo gave money to anyone.

The coalition averred that Tompolo has never been seen in public let alone settle anyone on behalf of the former vice president, who is PDP candidate for the February 16 election.

According to the group leader, Tompolo lied as he added that the former warrior has no single follower apart from members of his defunct Niger Delta Avengers.

If truly, Lakemfa stressed, Tompolo gave Atiku $3m, such money was meant to shortchange those who genuinely supported the Adamawa – born politician without grandstanding when the former vice president eventually wins.

“Tompolo hasn’t taken care of anyone as he boasted, he was only preparing ground to mislead Atiku the way he did to Goodluck Jonathan and cause him to fail.

“Tompolo has no followership in the region and those of us who stuck out our necks did so for the love of the nation and with the hope that we will be rewarded but rather than being hopeful, Atiku is rendering us hopeless.

“We have spent all our monies promoting Atiku’s interests only to be told while we wait for funding that one Tompolo asked him not to give money to anyone in the region. If Atiku allows himself to be hijacked, he would regret it on Saturday.

“At the risk of issuing threats, we would ensure Atiku Abubakar is pulled down and roundly defeated. Tompolo should go and vote for him but Atiku should refund us our money before we visit him in his house for our money.

“He should be ready for us before he’s defeated. Atiku through one Ibin Abbas Aliu, defrauded ex-militants, youth and support groups in his issuance of “empty appointment letters across states of the region.”

Furthermore, Aliyu, a diminutive character and gullible tool in the hands of the PDP candidate issued ‘letters of appointment’ to youths across the nation but more in the Delta region without logistics.

The appointment letters, the group said, directed the appointees to source funds from multi-national corporations and rich individuals.

The coalition noted with consternation that Atiku was out to dupe the Niger Delta people right from the onset and this, the group said, has been unfortunately revealed few days to the election.

Expectedly, the group said Aliyu, since achieving the aim of his master, has gone into hiding and now incommunicado.

“This fraudulent Atiku has only come to cause confusion in the region and ultimately dupe us. In the Niger Delta region alone, Atiku has over 200 fake appointments in his calculated efforts at defrauding the youth of the region using Aliru.

We shall reveal more ugly details of the shoddy activities of Atiku and his bandwagon of criminals in due course.” The group stated.

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