Deeper life pastor explains why observance of moral laws not acceptable to God

Delta state overseer of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Pius Idume, has said that sin has far reaching implications as it could destroy the reputation of anyone who indulged in unrighteous act and lowers their dignity before God.

Pastor Idume, who spoke during a campus conference organized for students of higher institutions in Delta state and held at Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Warri, warned students and all category of people to be wary of unrighteous conduct as it could tarnish their image and soil their reputation.

At the conference which was relayed from PTI to campuses across the state, Idume observed that sin has no respect for anyone, noting that irrespective of the social status of the individual, as soon as he goes into what displeases God, his reputation in all ramifications is at stake.

He made analogy with Satan who the leader of the angels in heaven, saying he was heavily adorned with the beauty of heaven but when he violated God’s command, he was thrown down from heaven and all his glory wherein he was adorn disappeared from him.

He also said Adam was created to be in the form and image of God but when he disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit, he lost his place, dignity and the glory of God that was upon him.

According to him, Adam was cast out of the garden, him and his wife, Eve were condemned, he lost the position God gave him as the dresser and caretaker of the garden and he lost the power and privilege of overseeing other creatures.

He listed the danger of sin to include hindering answers to prayers, canceling God’s promises, driving away God’s presence, exposing one to satanic attacks and the end, eternal separation from God.

He said though man, on his own, has tried to come out of sin, he could not, noting that humanity without God cannot come out of the stranglehold of evil and wickedness.

He said: “All the efforts of man to cover sin has continued to fail him. Observation of moral laws cannot save man from sin. Moral laws cannot give salvation from sin. A sinner is unrighteous like filthy rags. A sinner observing fasting as an attempt to please God cannot work.

“Defile hands trying to please God cannot give salvation. Eating sacrament, believing in personal worth in whatever guise, one’s opinion of self cannot redeem man from sin.”

Pastor Idume told the campus students that the only source of salvation is the atonement of Christ on the cross of Calvary, insisting that only faith in the blood of Christ could procure salvation for lost humanity of all race, tribe and social status.


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