Deeper Life pastor stirs up hearts at women development conference in Delta (Photos)

            Story by Austin Oyibode

           Photos by Samuel Ofuokwu

Delta state overseer of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Pious Idume, has challenged christian women to be ambassadors of Christ just as he advised Christians to allow the blood of Jesus cleanse their lives so that they could become useful in the kingdom of God.

Pastor Idume spoke at the Asaba region headquarters of the church during the three-day women conference which attracted a total of 1743 women from Oshimili north and south into Asaba, the region headquarters of the church.

The pastor who was in Asaba with his wife, told the women that the blood of Jesus makes Christians holy and transformed, cleanses from and keeps believers from sinning against God.

In the sermon titled: “The power in the blood of Jesus for redemption,” Pastor Idume insisted that what Christ did on the cross was invaluable, adding that it is far greater than the certificate obtained from institutioons of higher learning.

According to him: “The sacrifice of Christ offers full redemption from sin, it offers justification, adoptiuon into God’s family, noting that for Christians to benefit, they must turn away from sin and abide in the teaching of the word of God.

He said: :It’s unfortunate that some people are not stable, somebody cannot just tell you something and you begin to shake. Be convinced of what you believe and stand by it. Be convinced of what Christ did for you. Don’t believe people who always tell lies.”

Pastor Idume admonished Christians to live sincere, selfless, saintly, sober and steadfast lives, calling on Christians to be deeply involved in soulwinning and remain saturated with the word of God.

The women conference which was tagged: “The peculiar woman, a priceless treasure” featured series of teachings specifically aimed at making women great home buildiers and better mothers and wives.

Teachings that dwelt on successful marriages, discovering God’s will in marriage, building great Christian homes, courtship before marriage, how to maintain a healthy marriage away from the trending news of broken marraiges across cities, secrets of keeping marriages fresh irrespective of years in the union and other issues that affect the women folk were examined in the conference.

The conference which also drew teenage girls and ladies in courtship also featured teachings on maintaining chastity in a perversed world where it is believed that young ladies cannot live without initmacy with the opposite gender.

The women were exhorted to seek the country in heavy which is better and more beautiful than the cities on the earth, just as they were taught to remain peculiar and saintly in the pervered world.

The conference afforded the women opportunity to learn certain trades that could be beneficial to their families and assist in steady flow of income into the home.

About 90 percent sessions of the conference were handled by women, specifically the organ was handled by a woman who performed beautifully to the admiration of the women.

The dexterious hands of the woman organists coupled with the beautiful voice of choristers made the conference a never to be forgotten event.

The heart lifting songs driving the soul to a point of decision left an indelible footprints in the minds of the women. As the conference, smiles beamed on all faces as many dead hopes became alive and visions for a great and brighter future became the lot of many.

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