Delta 2023: ‘My heart is with you,’ Papa Oritsejafor prays for Gbagi as Pastor celebrates birthday

Jennifer Dafiovo

Former Minister of Education, Olorogun (Barr) Kenneth Gbagi (FNIM), has felicitated with Ex-President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, on the occasion of his birthday on Sunday, November, 10, 2019.

Olorogun Gbagi, who visited in the company of his political team, met with the founder of Word of Life Bible Church, bearing gifts, love, good wishes and cheers as they sang for him, and prayed God’s blessings and long life upon him.

Gbagi seized the opportunity to bring the Pastor up to speed with the success of his consultations on governing the state come 2023, expressing his gratitude for the pastor’s support and prayers.

The venerable pastor spontaneously burst into prayers as he was overwhelmed with the show of love from the Olorogun and his team during the surprise visit.

He said: “Thank you. God will give you what you can never worked for. May God do for you what you will never be able to do for yourself. May God give you people when you need people to help you. May heaven give you the strength to live in the times of difficulty. May you not struggle when you need to go higher in your life. In the name of God the father, the son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Serial entrepreneur, Olorogun Gbagi said: “This project is not something I want to come and sell to him, he knows it better than I do. That’s why I keep on telling you that goodwill, honesty and character is critical. Papa, I have started the race to 2023. I don’t want a situation that will cause you to hear it from someone else.

“It is going very well Sir, extremely well, and I thought that, on a day like this that is your birthday; nothing will be more precise and apt than to come to say, ‘Papa, we have started the journey into 2023.’ All that we require from you as a man of God is prayers and to thank God for this day, and pray for God to give you what it takes for you to say prayers on that day, at the swearing in.”

Papa Oritsejafor replied: “I felt inspired to pray. Fortunately, for you and for plenty people who know me, I am not a politician, I am a pastor and from my heart, I prayed that prayer and you know that I wish you well. You don’t need an interpreter to tell you that. So, my heart is with you. I am looking forward to that time. God who holds tomorrow, will bring tomorrow. But for today, you have come to celebrate with me, so I receive you with joy, with gladness.”

“I am happy that you brought all of these people to my house on this day of all days. I am so happy. I have not seen you for quite a while and I am glad that today is the day I see you again. My prayers are with you. My heart is with you, and we believe God is with you, that you will have reason to celebrate.”

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