Delta guber candidate congratulates Okowa, sets up shadow cabinet, says Okowa may use his programmes for governance

Governorship candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) in Delta state, Frank Ufuoma Esanubi, has congratulated Governor Ifeanyi Okowa over his landslide victory in the just concluded governorship election in the state.

In a press statement released immediately after the declaration of Governor Okowa as winner of the 2019 governorship polls, Esanubi said though the election was marred by monetisation of votes, allocation of ballots and voters apathy in many parts of the state, “I congratulate the winner, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).”

Esanubi, who appreciated all his supporters in the midst of financial inducement, militarisation and apathy, said though he did not win, he has enlisted an army of converts who believe in his cause and are ready to work towards building a new Delta for all.

The AAC candidate who listed areas wherein he won as his campaigns moved the state government to take certain actions to the benefit of the people, said his good programmes could be incorporated by Okowa’s government to provide good governance for the good of all Deltans.

Esanubi said his team would inaugurate a shadow cabinet on May 29, 2019 which will be responsible for monitoring the activities of the government, commend and criticize the administration and suggest solutions to some critical issues where necessary.

He observed that the established political class has succeeded to massively impoverish the people of Delta state through deliberate spread of hunger and poverty among the populace, such that most of the people lose the will to reject the crumbs that the political class throws at them during electioneering periods.

He said: “Through hunger-induced politics, the established political class has been able to sustain their dangerous grip on the people and their progress. They only return to their hitherto abandoned constituents with peanuts in exchange for their votes.

“We hope that going forward, the electorate will realise that their socio-political emancipation lies in their resolve to reject every bait that leaves them in conditioned socio-political servitude.

“In the midst of this menace, we remain true to our political philosophy: that sacrifice on the parts of all is the foundation for egalitarianism; to equally, and collectively own our dear state, the populace should not monetise their franchise, for where there is a buyer, there is an owner; where there is no buyer, everyone is an equal owner.”

He prayed that the elected governor will maximize God’s grace to lead Delta state to the path of sustainable developments, noting, however, that the votes that led to the governor’s landslide victory were obtained through vote buying and suppression of others, “a seeming punishment for our advocacy against the ills in the state.”

He explained that his desire for the state which necessitated his foray into Delta politics was to evolve a Delta state that works for all through public sector reforms, pro-people policies, modern infrastructural development, creation of opportunities, transparency and accountability.

He called on all Deltans and Nigerians who share “in our vision for a new Delta state to keep hope alive, continue to work and walk with us in our journey to a new Delta state. The journey may have been extended, our destination remains a new Delta state that will work for all. Let us not be deterred. Victory is sure if we do not despair.”

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