Delta PDP moves against Ogboru, says his governorship contest disrespects zonal agreements, shrouded in controversy

The Delta state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed its profound gratitude and appreciation to the progressive and peace loving people of Delta state for throwing their weight in full support for the policy of equity established by the PDP as the most acceptable resolution to address the rotational governance structure in the state.

This expression of appreciation was contained in a statement issued by the Delta PDP publicity secretary, Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza, who also used the statement to flay the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC in the state, Great Ovedje Ogboru.

Dr. Osuoza said: “The Delta state Peoples Democratic Party, sincerely commend and appreciate the wonderful and peace loving people of Delta state for keying into and supporting our genuine policy of ensuring and sustaining the principle and policy of equity in the governance evolution in the state.

“The PDP government has not only contributed tremendously towards entrenching peace and harmony among the three senatorial districts, but has established a most effective power balance, which has been received and embraced with satisfactory endorsement by all Deltans”

Addressing the matter further, the Delta PDP spokesman noted: “The PDP is profoundly grateful that all senatorial districts in the state have not only subscribed to this policy of equity and rotation, but that the various groups that make up Delta state have unanimously concurred without equivocation that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa should serve his second term as governor of Delta state, on behalf of the Anioma people of Delta North, to complete and cement the culture of rotation and equity for the office of the governor among the contending senatorial zones.

“The on-going PDP campaign across the state has therefore and in a very pro-active way, opened Deltans to the importance of the sense of equity that is being imbibed by the people and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa at every campaign rostrum, has commended the people for establishing this policy of fairness and equity.

“This has entrenched peace and a solid political stability that will sustain the culture of mutual understanding and promote a sense of belonging among the peoples of Delta state in the smooth and rancour-free governance of their state.”

Continuing, Dr. Osuoza said: “We commend the various political leaders for their forthrightness in admitting the importance of rotation as a demonstration of their good sense, wisdom, and sensitivity to the sensibilities of the various groups that make up Delta state.

“The leaders understood that Delta Central, having had a shot at the governorship with the undisputed leader of our party, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, who completed two meritorious terms on behalf of the zone, then followed by Delta South which presented former governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, who also went ahead to have the mandatory second term, the wise counsel and the great sense of equity propelled the leaders to resolve that for there to be mutual respect, harmony and political stability where every group has a sense of belonging, that the cycle of rotation of the office of the governor must be allowed to be completed.

“For us, in the PDP, we believe that this is a masterstroke in sound political engineering and that it is, therefore, the turn of Delta North to complete its two terms as governor, which Governor Okowa represents and is overwhelmingly poised to achieve as a Delta Northerner.

“And as the various leaders have already spoken, it is the turn of Delta North to have a second term, and Governor Okowa deserves the second term, having done very well in his first term to the admiration of all Deltans. It is against this background therefore that we urge all Deltans to vote massively for Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for the second term,” the Delta PDP mouthpiece stressed.

Dr. Osuoza, then reacted to the controversial emergence of Chief Great Ogboru, describing him as a factional governorship flag-bearer of a fragmented APC whose candidature is still mired in uncertainty and advised Deltans not to make the mistake and allow APC come into the governance of Delta state at any level at all as none of their so-called candidates is sure of their position and legitimacy as flag-bearers.

“The decision by the APC to consider fielding Chief Ogboru in the first place, leaves a sour and bitter taste in the mouth and confirms the APC clearly as a party that does not believe in equity, has no respect for the divergent senatorial zones in the state and most importantly plans to truncate the peace and harmony which the equity and power rotation policy has brought to Delta state.”

He said: “We also call on the good people of Delta state to treat with ignominy, those who call themselves opponents; they should be treated as black legs in the state, whose mindsets are dangerous for the much sought after peace and harmonious co-existence, which the principle of equity has entrenched and sustained in the state.

“We, therefore urge Deltans to reject the posturing of Chief Great Ogboru as the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Delta state for what it is: the overbearing attitude of a man and a serial loser, without a sense of justice, equity and fairness. We shudder at the type of governance that a man like Chief Ogboru will bring to bear if allowed to be governor in Delta state.

“It will mean that he will be insensitive to the sensibilities of the groups and zones in the state, as he would make governance to be devoid of fairness, equity, and justice. It is clear from this posturing that Chief Ogboru does not care about the effect of his doings on others, so long as he achieves his selfish ambition. To seek to hide under the claim that there is no rotation as a policy in the constitution of APC is puerile, mischievous and offensive to the sense of fairness, equity, and justice, cherished by the people of Delta state.”


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