Delta south 2019: Mark my words, Uduaghan will step down for me before the APC primaries – Michael Johnny

High Chief Michael Johnny, one of the frontline senatorial aspirants for Delta south under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Wednesday, September 5, 2018, said that between now and the time of the APC senatorial primaries, former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, who newly defected to the party, will step down for him.

Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, a former governor of Delta state, who newly defected to the party is seeking senatorial ticket from the APC, the ticket, it is believed, was his major reason for dumping the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the APC.

Chief Johnny, who spoke to journalists at the Delta state APC secretariat, told journalists that he is ready to beat every other aspirant and clinch the party senatorial ticket, noting that nobody is a threat to him, rather he is threat to other aspirants gunning for the same position with him.

Answering a question on whether the defection of Uduaghan to the party and seeking senatorial ticket in the APC was a threat to him, Johnny said rather than Uduaghan being a threat to him, he is a threat to the former governor.

He said: “My coming for the senate is a threat to Uduaghan, Uduaghan cannot be a threat to me. I have been in this party before he came. The people knew me in the party before him. There is no way Uduaghan joining APC will be a threat to me. Uduaghan will definitely step down for me before the primaries.”

Johnny, who is a diehard supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari, also faulted allegations making the round that he had been paid money by some aspirants in the zone to step down for them.

According to him: “I did not really want to comment on that but since you are asking me I will answer you. Look, people who know Michael Johnny very well know that people saying that are trying to blackmail me and that is not possible.

“Among the people that are contesting with me, nobody can pay me money to step down. I have seen money even before they became governors, even before they became senators and the rest. So, what is making people feel that I will abandon the mandate of my people and collect me, to do what, to buy cars or to build houses that I have not built before?

“If any of the aspirant says he has given Michael Johnny even N1000, the person should come and say it in the public, I challenge any of the aspirants. So, if you know the name Michael Johnny very well, you should know that people are just blackmailing me on the social media. It is the normal blackmail, I am used to it. I’m not ready to step down for anybody.”

He explained that his mission to the senate was to introduce laws that will better the lives of people of Delta south, insisting that youth restiveness will be brought to a standstill when he emerges senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He said people in the Niger Delta have suffered so much because pass and present representatives have not represented the people well, hence he will work with other senators from the Niger Delta to fight for the welfare of the people, noting that for the years he will be in the senate, he will make changes that people who have been in the senate over the years failed to do.

He applauded President Muhammadu Buhari for his true leadership qualities, saying Buhari has a good heart for people of the Niger Delta, just as he condemned previous leaders who carried out ground breaking ceremonies but failed to complete the projects.

He said:  “All the projects President Buhari started he is going to finish them. Nigeria is getting back to its feet through Buhari. We are getting back our lost glory and dignity. All the glory we have lost in the international community is coming back to Nigeria. Nigeria is taking a better shape through Buhari.”

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