Deltans dare Governor Okowa: Release names of politicians who looted Delta economy dry

The people of Delta state have called on Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to release names of Deltans who looted the state dry leading to the state owing over N600billion at the inception of his government.

Okowa told the people of Delta state when he visited the state house of assembly that the state was owing over N600billion, an inherited debt burden from the former administration of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.

On Friday, Governor Okowa told journalists in Abuja that the list of looters released by the federal government and ruling party, the APC, would be acceptable to the Nigerian people if corrupt politicians in the APC led government are included in the looters list.

Governor Okowa is of the belief that members of the PDP who have defected to the APC to seek asylum and protection under the Buhari government are also part of the looters who should be included in the looters list if the President Buhari’s government wants Nigerians to take him serious.

Okowa made the call at the inauguration of Episcopal House in Abuja, calling on the federal government to include names of present and previous political office-holders, irrespective of political parties, who looted public funds, in the looters’ list.

He said that the list of looters should not be limited to some people and particular party but should be done with honesty.

“In whatever the government is doing, they should ensure that list of every person who has looted in governance is released. It should not be limited to any particular party.

“It should not be held in such a manner that Nigerians will begin to think and have doubts, and I believe that in everything we do, we must be honest,’’ he said.

However, Deltans at home have also called on the governor to be bold and release list of previous and present political office holders who have looted the state since creation or since the emergence of true democracy in 1999.

While some applauded the boldness of the governor in making the call, some who reacted to the call on facebook following the post made by one of his aides, Nelson Egware, have said the governor should do the needful in Delta state.

One Lilly Udeze Okolugbo, Okowa’s facebook aide, said the APC officials are the looters, hence they can’t release their own names.

Another David Oyadongha said “personally, I would not be surprised, since the list is coming from APC government, a party built on lies and propaganda.”

Henry Aghogho Ubus said Okowa is saying the gospel truth because the era of cheap propaganda is gone

Christopher Nwaoboshi, a likely relation of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, said: “My amiable governor, flesh and blood didn’t reveal this to you but the Holy Spirit of God. This is great show of good governance.”

But one Harrison Ejueyitsi Aletile said Governor Okowa should please release the names of those who piled up Delta state debt burden to over N700bn. He said Okowa should dare it also.

He said Okowa should release the list of those who piled up Delta debt burden. “Our debt burden is over N700b according to the governor. Who are those that put generations unborn in this bondage? Governor Okowa knows them. They are members of his fraternity. He should name them…. But where is the gut to dare it?”

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