Disbandment of NDDC management board, we’ve been vindicated – IYC

We wish to express our gratitude to Mr. President, H.E, Muhammadu Buhari for graciously looking into the concerns of Niger Delta people in terminating the NDDC Management Board allegedly constituted by Mr. President. There was no way that Board would stand the test of time given the litany of cases in Courts, contesting the legality of its composition.

In fact, the Board was illegally constituted because the enabling Act was not complied with. IYC and those agitating for the right thing to be done are vindicated. President Buhari should follow the law stricto sensu when reconstituting the Management Board. He should not allow politicians to mislead him into doing their fraudulent biddings.

The Interim Management Board, no doubt is the rightful body constituted as it stands now. President Buhari has just done what is fair and just to the Niger Delta people, especially those agitating that the NDDC Act Establishment should be complied with.

IYC uses this medium to congratulate the new IMC members and calls on them to pay contractors who have completely executed their projects. The Council also commend the MD of the IMC for supervising projects to ascertain their completion before making payments to the contractors. That is the step some previous board failed to carry out.

The Council further calls on the forensic auditors to dig very deeply into the management of the Commission since 2001 as directed by Mr. President. Whoever is found culpable should be exposed accordingly.

IYC on its part has pledged to work with the forensic auditors, the IMC and the presidency to ensure that the rampant corruption in the Commission is tamed.

Pereotubo Oweilaemi, Esq.,
President, IYC worldwide.

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