Don’t engage in any activity inimical to successful electoral process, NURTW warn unruly members

AS the nation prepares for general elections on Saturday, chairman of the Delta state council of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Chief Ifeanyi Obi, has urged members of the drivers’ union not to engage in any activity that is inimical to successful electoral process.

Chief Obi made the call in Asaba after a brief meeting with some members of the Union.

According to him, “this election involves all of us, we are concerned just like every Nigerian for the best person to emerge and our members should not be seen engaging in action that is illegal in any way or actions that will mar the success of the elections.

“Members of NURTW are law-abiding, most of us are adults who are qualified to vote, some of our members are contesting in the elections; we should go out on the days of the elections, cast our votes as expected of any good citizen and watch the process,” he said.

He added: “we should not be involved in any act of thuggery or be seen to be engaging in anything that is illegal.”

He continued: “we believe that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will get it right, we know that by now, they would have concluded plans concerning transportation because, our members are not expected to be seen on the road on the days of the elections unless they are on special duties as approved by the INEC.

“I want to also appeal to politicians, including those who are contesting in the elections to avoid using our members to engage in any act that is illegal because, anyone who is caught doing such would face the wrath of the union; we desire a successful, peaceful, free and fair elections where the best candidates would emerge for our country,” Chief Obi said while commending Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta state for engaging in issue-based campaigns.

To Chief Obi, “our governor, Senator Okowa has displayed an exemplary style of campaign and we can confidently say that we, the drivers are greatest beneficiaries of his campaign style which involves commissioning of roads, in every part of Delta State – yes. our governor is commissioning road projects and we must commend him for his actions.

“We believe that Deltans will get it right because, the life span of our vehicles has increased as we are no longer regular guests to the mechanics because we have good roads in all parts of Delta state courtesy of good governance of Governor Okowa and his men.”

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