DSS: Of sycophants and demystified Southern “slaves”

Chidiebere Nwobodo

President Buhari, with the nepotic appointment of new DG of DSS, Yusuf Magaji Bichi from Kano State, has rode roughshod over the intelligence of southerners and widened the growing gulf of division between the south and core north. With this insensitive and provocative appointment, President Buhari has literally and instinctively told the South to go to “hell” once again. This outlandish, lopsided and un-presidential decision has further damaged already bruised ego of an average southerner—except for those political jobbers in the APC, that will always see such development as an opportunity to reassure their masters of their slavish loyalty, by defending the indefensible.

And they will insult collective intelligence of southerners by telling us that the president “has the prerogative to appoint whoever he wants”, as if Buhari is the president of northerners alone and Southern Nigeria is bereft of security gurus. When pundits like us; who are driven by the quest for justice and equity, decides to puncture their illogical, sycophantic and slavish submissions, they will digress by telling us that “security issue” cannot be subject of public discourse or left at the mercy of public opinion. When you hear such infantile propaganda and dignity-bankrupt assertion from a southerner, struggling and sweating profusely to defend President Buhari’s outrageous assault on his people, be rest assured that a “slave” has been let loose to run amok against his own rights and privileges.

As I write, slavish propagandists in the south, masquerading as the APC members will be getting their briefs now to swing into damage-control action. “Senior slaves” like Joe Igbokwe, Festus Keyamo, Kenneth Okonkwo, Femi Adesina, Laolu Akande, Rotimi Fasakin, Osita Okechukwu, Cairo Ojougboh, Orji Uzo Kalu, etcetera, on my mind. The “junior slaves” under the payroll of Buhari Media Center (BMC) must have concluded their own briefing and duly “mobilized” to hit the ground running. Any moment from now, they will start appearing on national TV programs and featuring on newspaper columns to drum it into our “deaf” ears and ram it down our “stubborn” throats that President Buhari took this action solely on “national interest cum security”. The “junior slaves” popularly known as e-rats, will start terrorizing dissenters on social media with their boring “looters” or “corruption fighting back” idiosyncratic narrative.

When Nigeria’s “defacto” president, Abba Kyari—Buhari’s Chief of Staff, ordered ousted DG of DSS, Matthew Seiyafa, to rescind his reforms in the spy agency, people like us knew that the storm was gathering and the sledgehammer would soon hit. I saw the rampaging tornado encroaching but couldn’t see through its fogy political cloud. I never believed that President Buhari—a presidential candidate in next year’s election, who is in dare need of southern votes, could shrug off the lamentations of Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum as verbiages and parroting, by descending into the ignoble valley of nepotism, parochialism and unprofessionalism to recall his kinsman from retirement, just to maintain sheer ethno-religious domination of Nigeria’s security agencies.

The disconsolate and ridiculed Southern Nigeria should know that President Buhari’s parochialism and unparalleled nepotic dispersal of power, has exposed hidden weakness cum sanctimonious cowardice of an average southern political and religious leader. A disgusting situation where the south controls only one out of seventeen (17) security intelligence agencies, should outrage any southerner still left with strata of self-worth cum dignity. And that analysts of southerner extraction will rationalize this impunity and rape of equity just to be politically correct, is self-evident that we have all been reduced to insufferable buffoons and helpless atoms of individuals.

Northerners who are direct beneficiaries of Buhari’s sectionalism, will maintain criminal silence, while southerners—supposed victims of the exclusion and marginalization will be “pushed” out to go and rationalize their own enslavement, just to get the crumbs. What a bunch of demystified slaves! What’s essence of all the educational qualifications we always brag about? Where lies our dignity? Who infested southerners with this incurable disease of inferiority complex? What is still being left of Yemi Osinbajo’s reputation and dignity, after being reduced to mere “house boy” by the reversion of every of his decision as acting president?

Let us turn the table. Imagine that this injustice is being perpetrated by a southern president against the north. Will you see any core northerner go on national television to rub salt and pepper on the injury of his people? Will northerners go about their normal businesses as if nothing is happening? Will the north be calm the manner the south is now? Will some northerners have the audacity to openly campaign for the same southern president on the streets of Kano or Bauchi States? I’m not a purveyor of violence or an alarmist but a courageous crusader for egalitarian society where all men and women will live as humans not instruments. Why are southerners this docile and naive yet claim to be educated cum sophisticated? Where lies the sophistication in slavery? Or, is it a case of “sophisticated morons” or “demented nincompoops”?  Your guess is a good as mine. Whatever nepotism or sadism Buhari is displaying now, is “good morning” to what is yet to come, if he gets re-elected.

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