Ex-militants raise grievous allegations against amnesty official, Mowarin, demand his sack from office

A group of ex-militants under the aegis of the United Front for Ex-militants (UFE) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to, as a matter of urgency, sack the head of education, Kiesena Mowarin, from the office of the amnesty programme of the federal government, alleging racketeering, profiteering and fraud against him.

According to a statement issued in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa state capital and signed by the spokesperson of the group, Kiagbodo Jerome, after an elaborate nocturnal meeting of notable ex-militant leaders ostensibly to review the activities of the amnesty office particularly as it concerns the appointment of Prof. Charles Dokubo, as the new coordinator of the interventionist agency, the group concluded that Major Mowarin is not adding value to the office and the critical stakeholders of the amnesty programme.

The statement alleged that Mowarin, a retired major in the Nigerian army was not only privy but complicit in all the frauds allegedly committed by past coordinators accusing him of allegedly dropping the name of the National Security Adviser, Babangana Munguno, to intimidate and commit questionable acts including coveting amnesty slots for sales to non ex-militants.

According to Jerome, who pointedly accused Mowarin of amassing wealth at the detriment of the original ex-militants, Mowarin has already upped his game on the resumption of the newly appointed helmsman and has stampeded the system to make him the Chief of Staff to the coordinator to enable him do more havoc to the agency.

UFE frowned at Mowarin’s nationality saying there’s doubt over his Nigerian citizenship saying he stands accused of spearheading a cabal on behalf of the NSA to sell contracts to unsuspecting contractors and collect fifteen percent upfront even when the contracts were still in the preparative stage.

Jerome further alleged that as soon as the former coordinator, Gen. Paul Boroh, was fired, Mowarin opened an illicit trade in contract of unsuspecting members of the public at the rate of N50m per contract with fifteen percent of that amount paid to him upfront since he was sure of forcing the new coordinator to sign same on resumption by dropping the NSA’s name. This, the group noted, was already playing out as the ‘epitome’ of sleaze is up in his game.

Pointedly, the group further alleged that Mowarin has always been a banana peel to both officials and the beneficiaries of the amnesty programme and therefore called on the president and other authorities concerned to boot Mowarin out of the office.

Should the FG refuse as usual to hearken to the call by the stakeholders, the ex-militants have issued a 7-day ultimatum for the government to sack Mowarin whom they described as a foreigner or face the wrath of ex-militants in the creeks of the Niger Delta region.

They added that gone were the days ex-militants stayed aloof and watch a “bunch of questionable characters, thieves…” turn the amnesty office to their ATM leaving the beneficiaries of that office to die in avoidable poverty.

Preceding the actions of the group in the creeks, Jerome said will be a peaceful rally to Aso Villa, National Assembly and the Amnesty Office, noting that it was aware this government hardly want to take early warnings seriously until things get out of hands.

“We applaud the appointment of a new coordinator of the PAP and we pledge to work with him. However, Mowarin whom we know as the agent of fraud in that office must be removed.

“He sells amnesty slots like a market woman who sells beans. It follows that Mowarin shouldn’t only be sacked but his activities over the years in that office must be thoroughly investigated and brought to book if found wanting.

His nationality must also be prodded into by the FG because we have it on good authority that Mowarin is a foreign national fronting for a cabal in high places. He is an impersonator of a Niger Delta name whereas he cannot speak or write in any language of the Delta region.

“We are ready to disrupt crude oil production activities in the region if this rogue is not removed and on time too. Our group is a peace loving one and we owe it a duty to support the current leadership without Mowarin.” The group enthused. “Our silence and maintenance of peace in the region should not be taken for granted” the group warned.

Mr. Jerome stated that “if a soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin but he who causes the darkness.”

When contacted, Mowarin said the allegations are fictitious and rubbish, noting that the issues being raised against him are already in the hands of security agents who are carrying out extensive investigation on them.

Mowarin, who laughed when Emeraldng.com called him, said: “All those things have been directed to investigating agencies. They are already on them.

“That’s why l laughed, it’s nothing new. There is nothing to hear from me, the investigating agencies are on top of them. You are free to publish, go ahead, they have published so many things already.

“You are free to go ahead and publish your own. I have nothing to comment on them. They are fictitious and rubbish. It’s better the investigating agencies do their work.

“That is the only true justification a man can get, not hearsay or what is printed in the media. I rather leave it like that. I really appreciate your reaching me. Thank you for that. God bless you.”

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