Ex-militants stand behind new amnesty programme boss, Dokubo, lists his outstanding qualities

An umbrella body of ex-militants drawn from all the nine states of the Niger Delta region, the United Front for Ex-militants (UFE) has described the newly appointed coordinator of the amnesty programme,  Professor Charles Dokubo, as the best man for the job just as it called on the federal government to ignore kicks by some miscreants to reverse itself on the appointment of Prof. Charles Dokubo, as the new helmsman of the interventionist agency.

The spokesperson of the group,  Kiagbodo Jerome, who made this known in a press statement signed by him in Calabar, the Cross River State capital said the statement was sequel to a ‘stinker’ published by a faceless group, Mangrovedelta , owned by one of the most notorious members of the Avengers and a crude oil and gas thief in the creeks, calling for a review of the new appointment and also condemning the appointment of the Secretary to the amnesty office, a screen diva and veteran of the nollywood industry, Ms Hilda Dokubo.

The group noted that the allegation of renting a 55 million naira apartment for the new coordinator is a lie from the pit of hell, laughable, most frivolous and an uncharitable thing to think of at a time the coordinator was thinking of cutting cost to boost the empowerment of ex-agitators. It stressed that only reprobate group like Mangrovedelta could imagine such.

The group argued that the coordinator who resumed about a week ago was busy consulting with management and stakeholders in the region and has not contemplated renting a N55m accommodation but added that the professor of International Relations will surely get an accommodation for himself when the time arises saying, he is not expected to stay in his friend’s apartment perpetually.

UFE stated that but for further illustration and appreciation to federal government on the appointment of a notable superlative character with the finesse of  academic excellence and high moral probity, Prof. Dokubo to reactivate and breathe life into the amnesty programme for the good of all beneficiaries of the programme as against a few ex-militant leaders who derive joy in the misfortunes of the larger ex-agitators many of whom have no money to go to Abuja for lobby let alone have money to push negative publications in the media against the federal government, Mangrovedelta doesn’t deserve the attention of any body.

The statement noted that it was only in Nigeria that a bunch of miscreants and demagogues will overreach themselves to the extent of standing against a professor’s appointment so that the norm of looting the office will continue unabated, adding that the era was gone for good in the life of the amnesty office.

It wondered if Mangrovedelta is now the body which determines qualification to head the amnesty programme questioning: ‘why are they afraid of Prof. Dokubo? Why not Dokubo? What are those essential qualities that those who had managed the programme had that the Prof lacks except that he will not bend to oppressing the majority of the beneficiaries the few who have made themselves lords over the rest of us. Prof has good intentions for the programme and needs the cooperation of all of us.

The group challenged the ‘faceless’ Mangrovedelta to unmask itself saying the security agencies are alive to their constitutional duties of crushing criminals anywhere in the country.

It said rather than engage in ‘a bound to fail’ conspiracy against the new coordinator, all groups in the region should work with him to achieve success, noting that the office of the coordinator of the amnesty programme is not an exclusive preserve of any person or group of persons.

The group revealed that since resumption in office, Prof. Dokubo has been busy fixing age-long problems to enable him stand on a sound footing in the discharge of his duties, just as he appealed to all youths and ex-militants in the Niger Delta region to support him to succeed.

On the appointment of Hilda Dokubo, Jerome noted that Mangrovedelta goofed in its “dance of shame” saying, the coordinator has the powers to appoint anyone of his choice as long as that person has our regional interest at heart.”

The office of a secretary, it noted, is administrative and managerial and anyone can be so appointed as long as you can read and write with the deep understanding of the subject – regional interests as it concerns the development and growth of the ex-militants which it noted Dokubo is vast in, wondering if being a Nollywood super star is now an impediment to a high office.

It advised the group to desist from causing disaffections and scooping information from disgruntled officials of the amnesty office.

“If a Hilda Dokubo’s appointment is being mischievously attacked, what about that foreigner in person of Major Kiesena Mowarin and host of other dubious characters in that office who are maligning the coordinator who has refused all their criminal antics since inception.

“It may interest Niger Deltans to know that a cabal who specializes in regular doctoring of amnesty documents including sales of amnesty slots to non ex-militants are deep seated in that office and the new Sherriff in town is uprooting them using capable hands like the new secretary – Hilda, after wide consultations.

“What business has anyone with the cost of an Abuja residence for the coordinator or what kind of car and security details are attached to a secretary. What was the cost of Mr. Boroh’s residence while he held sway? These miscreants are taking rascality to a lunatic fringe.”

“The question we ask now is: as ex-militants what do we really want? Should the amnesty office be left to looters in connivance with few ex-militant leaders or be well managed for the good of all?

“ We must be wary of the level of empty rascality and despicable sense of entitlements of some criminal elements who come up ranting and raving the moment a system is being sanitized to better the larger community instead of few questionable characters,” Jerome stated, adding that the group is not unmindful of the bad eggs in the amnesty office who are not happy with the ongoing sweeping changes embarked upon by the coordinator saying until the last criminal in the amnesty office was swept off, the battle may rage on.

“You can’t expect a Professor of Charles Dokubo’s standard to do things like the money conscious, fraudulent, ego-driven and hedonistic ones with badly brought up conscience.

“He is doing things differently from what the bandwagons, agents and foot soldiers of corruption want him to do.

“ We have grown to know that when you fight corruption, corruption fights back. It is therefore not new but what is new is that we know the sponsors of malicious attacks and threats and we won’t hesitate to give their details to security agencies. Fraud is gone for good in that office created for our own good,” the statement reads.

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