First appointments: Omo Agege disappoints Urhobo social media e-rats, goes for professional media gurus

Nigeria’s deputy senate president, Senator Ovie Omo Agege, on Thursday, appointed Dr. Otive Igbuzor as Chief of Staff, Mr. Yomi Odunuga as special adviser on media and Ms Lara Owoeye as senior special assistant on electronic and new media. reports that among the three senior appointments made by the deputy senate president, only Otive Igbuzor is an Urhobo man from Orogun, his country home while others are said to be from the western Yoruba states of Nigeria.

This online newspaper understands that from Omo Agege’s election as Delta central senator, youths and other people of the Urhobo land labored tirelessly for him, even with the scourge of mace theft, the youths went ahead, campaigned vigorously for him and ensured his emergence as senator of the federal republic of Nigeria.

It was their belief that Omo Agege was a great senator, hence the youths waved aside all the accusations leveled against him, campaigned and voted for him, ensuring that all barriers against his emergence were crushed.

Again, when the campaign for deputy senate president began, Delta central youths took up the challenge, praying and fasting to ensure he emerged as deputy senate president.

Few days to the election, the campaign went vigorous because to them, “he is our own and he needs to be there” with the belief that Omo Agege would pave ways for Urhobo youths after his emergence.

Again, when Omo Agege goofed while paying a thank you visit to President Muhammadu Buhari, the youths of Delta central took to social media to announce that Omo Agege’s genuflection to greet the president was not out of place.

They added that it is the culture of the Urhobos for young people to greet elders by bowing the knees, saying it was right and fair, even showing photos of some Urhobo people genuflecting while greeting elders.

As the photo trended on the social media, the youths took the gauntlet and continued the war, persuading Nigerians that the greeting was in consonance with Urhobo culture.

In all actuality, Urhobo youths worked very hard for Omo Agege from the primaries to the campaign, the election and his emergence as deputy senate president.

And to them, Omo Agege will reward them with appointments for “laying down their lives for him.”

But on Thursday, Omo Agege rolled out his first appointment of chief of staff and two media advisers, only one, Otive Igbuzor, is an Urhobo man while the remaining two are said to be from the western Yoruba area of Nigeria.

The appointment of these two media men, though professionals in the media, has not gone down well with the Urhobo people, especially the youths who hazarded their lives and resources to ensure he emerged senator for the second term.

His emergence for the second term is historic for the Delta central as no senator has ever made it to the senate twice from the region in Delta state.

The youths were optimistic that Omo Agege will do them well. But the appointment is a big shocker to them. It only shows that social media e-rats are not professionals who can be used for real media business.

This is what the youths failed to realize. Ability to handle iPad, Samsung phone or infinix and typing accusing messages on social media does not make one a professional media practitioner. This is what Omo Agege has just proved.

He believes that social media boys cannot defend him when serious issues arise that call for urgent media action that goes beyond dropping one insulting comment on facebook.

Although Omo Agege must have wronged media people in Delta central and Delta state by that appointment, he may have looked at all the people that have been dropping whatever on facebook as not professional media practitioners and when the ships are down, they cannot stand hard times with him.

It is a huge disappointment to Delta media people who stood by him all the time, writing slanting stories to curry his political ambition.

Delta youths must wake up to the realization that the time to fight and kill oneself for politicians is over. It’s time they woke up and develop themselves because the future may not be favourable to the lazy youths.

As it is now, Urhobo youths may hands off defending him as battles of any kind emerge. He has chosen people who will help launder his image and build his reputation but whether those people will be able to sell his image to the Urhobo in the next election remains a matter of conjecture.

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