First pensioner of Delta steel company cries to human rights, CSOs as government blocks his chances of receiving his 35-year-old-pension

The first still living pensioner of the Delta Steel Company Aladja-Warri in Delta state, Prince (Hon) Brume-Ezewu, former legislator and diplomat of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has cried out for help to the federal, state government, National Assembly, human rights and the civil society following the deliberate removal of his name from the pension list as well as stoppage of his pension payment since 2007.

According to Prince Brume-Ezewu: “I am the first pensioner of the Delta Steel Company, Uvwian-Aladja in Delta state that retired in July 1983. And as at the time of my retirement, I was paid my gratuity and the monthly pension was on until 2007 when the pension was stopped.

Brume-Ezewu further said that everything went well until 2007 when his pension was stopped. ‘And we’ve been trying to ask them (PTAD – Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate) to pay because a lot of pensioners of DSC have died in the process of waiting for their payment.

According to him, year 2017, ‘they said we should come for verification which was carried out between 20th – 28th November, 2017 at the premises of Wetland Event Centre, 22, Orhuwhorun road, before Ekete waterside junction, Ekete, in Udu local government area of Delta state where the exercise went well and a confirmation paper was issued to each of us at the end.

The verification notification is contained in Vanguard newspaper publication of Wednesday, November 15, 2017 and duly signed by the Executive Secretary of PTAD, Mrs. Sharon Ikeazor.

They then said we would receive the pension arrears as well as the monthly pension beginning in January 2018. But in the said January 2018 nothing happened until around June 2018 when they started paying pension again.

According to Prince Brume, “When the payment of pension started again in June 2018, amazingly, my name was not there. It was omitted. And even the pensioners that they managed to pay received half pension, not full. That was even the much surprise’, he said.

According to him, the trade union people said I shouldn’t border that they would do everything to make sure that I am paid. They have gone to PTAD over three consecutive times and nothing happened up till now.

“Whether they thought because I retired since July 1983 (about 35 years ago), I should be dead by now I don’t know. Even the paper issued to me during the verification exercise the trade union people said I should give it to them which they took to PTAD without any result.”

Brume-Ezewu further said that since the trade union could not ensure the payment of his pension, ‘I want the human rights activists, civil society organizations and well meaning Nigerians to come in and help me because it’s possible I’m not the only one in this predicament.

“What is certain is that I’m the first pensioner of Delta Steel Company Aladja and they don’t need any document or anything to find my name in their book.

I therefore call on the National Assembly, human rights, civil society organizations to kindly help me get PTAD to pay my pension arrears from 2007 till date and my pension should come in immediately which has been increased by the federal government.

Prince Brume said that no fewer than 1,000 pensioners of DSC have died while waiting their pensions and this is ridiculous.

Anybody who can help me should do so, even the Delta state government, National Assembly and the federal government should please come to my aid because I’ve worked for this country at every level.

I was a diplomat abroad and also a legislator of the constituent assembly Abuja. I headed a department in the presidency and also headed a department in OPEC.

When I came back to Nigeria, I headed the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Warri as well as a department at the refinery Warri before my services were transferred to Delta Steel Company Aladja-Warri in Delta state where I retired in July 1983.

“I’m somebody they should really try and help me as this will enable me to publish 16 astonishing Bestsellers among which are; How Corruption became a Citizen of Africa, Nigeria in Lunatic days, The Choice of a sickler for President, Everyone will go to Heaven- including You, Nigeria of Africa-In the Eyes of History, How God rules the world, Letters to Mr. President (One of which stopped a bill in the United States National Assembly), another letter stopped a Head of state in amassing chieftaincy titles’, he said.

He enjoined members of the public to contact the Executive Secretary of PTAD, Sharon Ikeazor, on telephone number +234(0)8136048117 or +234(0)94621700 or Email:,

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