Former Delta SSG speaks on controversial IPP project, Asaba airport, says IPP was 70 percent completed by Uduaghan

Former secretary to Delta state government, Comrade Ovuozorie Macaulay, has said that against public criticism, the Independent Power Plant project, a project embarked upon by the erstwhile government of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, was 70 percent completed before the Uduaghan government expired on May 29, 2015.

Speaking with journalists in his Asaba residence, Macaulay said: “Uduaghan embarked on the IPP with a vision, it was a very giant step, though people are writing petitions everywhere. Go to Oghara and ask of the place they call the Ibru yard, you will see over 50 containers containing the IPP equipment.

“The contract for the IPP (the offshore materials) is approximately 70 percent completed and everything that will make it an IPP when installed has been delivered.”

He continued: “I can swear on my life that if you go to Oghara, till tomorrow, the two turbines are there. In short you will see about 50-58 containers. Even when some people attempted to want to put fire on it, thank God the fire did not go anywhere. So, the IPP, to a very great extent, it is not a failure. A project that is 70 percent completed cannot be a failure.”

He disclosed that at the site of the IPP, the construction work is almost being achieved 100 percent because the piling and the concrete work has been completed,” revealing that the road that leads to the IPP site was what stopped its completion as it was not considered when the project was awarded.

He said: “What held the IPP from being completed was the road because when the contract was awarded, we didn’t take into cognizance the weight of the equipment and needed a road that will transport them to the site.

Macaulay, who was one of the right hand men of Uduaghan, also noted that the former governor also did well in area of security saying the administration made sure that issues of security were handled to the best of the government’s ability no matter how much or what was involved.

He said the period under review was the era that kidnapping was at its peak, adding that Uduaghan did everything to bring kidnapping almost to a zero level.

He said the construction of the Asaba airport was another giant step by the Uduaghan’s administration. He faulted claims that the airport was a failed project of the Uduaghan’s government.

He said: “The maintenance, expansion of airport is a continuous thing. So, the airport was shut down for a while, and that because the runway failed does not in any way mean that the airport project failed.

He frowned at the situation where people only see the negative aspect of a project which they capitalizes on, saying “the runway failed and because lives will be involved nobody want to take risk, he started the process of reconstructing it before his administration ended. Of course, his successor immediately took it up”.

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