Fr. Chukwuedo says No one deserves to be idle as Fr. Konyeke celebrates 40th birthday

AS workers all over the world celebrate May Day, Fr. John Konyeke celebrated his 40th birthday in Asaba where Rev. Fr. Donatus Chukwuedo said no one should stay idle as it is godly for people to work.

The Priest who spoke at the 40th birthday thanksgiving Mass in honour of Rev. Fr. John Konyeke at St. John Bosco Catholic Church, Asaba, Delta State said God did not make mistake by saying, “by the labour of your hands, you shall eat.”

“Today (May 1, 2018), the church celebrates workers’ day, the feast of St. Joseph, Patron Saint of all workers which has coincided with the birthday of Rev. Fr. Konyeke; we pray that God will bless the works of your hands because, He said, by the labour of your hands, you shall eat,” the Priest said.

He continued, “He created us in His image and likeness and in His likeness, He asked us to work; Fr. John Konyeke is not just a worker but, a hardworking worker at that; God has clothed him with so much honour; from the seminary, the records are unbeatable, his activities in the sporting arena are wonderful, his pilgrim notes have inspired a lot of people today.

“It is godly to work; when you work, you are like God because, God is the ultimate worker and when you work, you must depend on God, because anything we are able to do is essentially, through the image of God in us,” Rev. Fr. Chukwuedo stated at the Mass which had Fr. Konyeke as the chief celebrant and Rev. Fathers Edwin Osiagbobu and Jude Iwediunor as co-celebrants.

The Priest who paid accolades to the spiritual life of Rev. Fr. Konyeke asserted, “whatever we are able to do, we should ascribe it to God, there is nothing we can do without Him; every living being is charged to work, encourage people, your wife inclusive to work.

“When they were describing Jesus Christ, they brought His earthly father into it by saying the son of Joseph the carpenter, we should give the glory to God and always remember to pray, o God, bless the labour of our hands; may you never Labour in vain; we are here to pray with you, Fr. Konyeke, pray for you and celebrate with you,” he stated.

The Priest continued, “I understand you (Fr. Konyeke) have that sportsmanship, the energy, but, take it easy as someone who has clocked 40, when you work Father John, you work passionately, you don’t want anything to go wrong, but, when you have worked and worked, find time to rest, take a leave and come back with the same gusto, don’t take your leave for granted.”

Rev. Fr. Konyeke at the Holy Mass thanked God for His blessings and also, commended those who have contributed in different ways to his journey of life.

At a reception held shortly after the Mass, Parishioners spoke glowingly about Fr. Konyeke and congratulated him on his 40th birthday.

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