Gbagam! Ex-militant leader to EFCC: Pay me my whistle blower’s percentage from $9million recovered from Boroh

A prominent Ex-militant leader, Eshanekpe Israel, a.k.a Akpodoro, has called on the Ibrahim Magu -led Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to pay him the five percent whistle blower entitlement from the $9m allegedly recovered from the Gwarimpa home of the sacked coordinator of the Niger Delta amnesty programme, Gen. Paul Boroh.

Akpodoro, who is the national president of the National Coalition of Niger Delta Ex-Agitators, made this call in a chat with our correspondent in Abuja on Wednesday.

The former warlord stated that he was the only ex-militant leader who raised the alarm over the profligacy of the erstwhile coordinator of the amnesty programme alleging that the looting of the amnesty office started the very day the retired army Brigadier General resumed office, alleging that almost all the workers in the coordinator’s office are accomplices, including serving officers.

He noted that most appointees of the federal government, especially those from Nigeria Delta in whose hands the government entrusted development of the region, see development agencies as their personal Automated Teller Machines (ATM) where they could loot blindly at the detriment of their primary assignments and the people suffer the consequences of such actions.

The ex-militant leader called on the EFCC for more in depth investigations into Boroh’s activities while he held sway as the coordinator of the amnesty programme alleging that Boroh cornered 850 slots of 65,000 naira per slot to himself while he lasted in the office.

He described the 850 slots as ghost ex-militants saying, the former army general may have fraudulently appropriated it to himself from the Phase 2 ex-militant slots while the genuine ex-militants suffered in abject poverty.

He said Boroh and his cohorts in the amnesty office smiled to the banks on daily basis reaping off those he called men and women who caused the amnesty to be as he narrated his ordeal in the hands of the coordinator when he dared to expose him at the earlier time.

The ex-militant leader wondered why Boroh was allowed even after his warnings to the authorities, stressing that the federal government had the privilege of early warnings saying that Boroh should not have lasted for up to six months in office if his information had been acted upon.

Additionally, the pro Buhari ex-militant leader called on the federal government to go beyond prodding into the agency’s finances but should thoroughly investigate Boroh for complicity in the activities of the Niger Delta Avengers, saying he has strong suspicion that Boroh had hands in the bombings of oil and gas pipelines in the Niger Delta region in 2016 stressing that at a point the ex-coordinator became a rallying point for miscreants in the region.

He challenged Boroh to produce any statement issued by his former office against the renewed militancy in the region in 2016 and open his books for all to see.

He alleged that the amnesty office, during Boroh’s reign, awarded contracts to only members of the avengers and few of his kinsmen leaving prominent ex-militants in limbo particularly those from other parts of the multi – ethnic region.

He further stated that the former coordinator destroyed the architecture for the demilitarisation and rehabilitation of the ex-militants, noting that the vocational training programmes of the agency both local and foreign that range from two to four years were arbitrarily cut down to between three and six months by Boroh for him to have more to loot.

“He changed foreign trainings to local and cut down the training period for his personal interests. Boroh destroyed the agency much more than any holder of that office had done.

“He was the worst coordinator of that office and I commend the president for booting him out because it’s better late than never. If Boroh had lasted four years in that office, the interventionist agency would have shut down completely.

“When government appoints our people into positions to develop our region, they further under-develop us only to turn around blaming the federal government when they are relieved of their positions.

“The issues of underdevelopment, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, environmental degradation, insecurity, water and air pollution still plague us today but the managers of our interventionist agencies are more concerned in how much they steal.

“Has anyone noticed that none of the roads constructed in the region by sister agencies of the amnesty office has drainage system yet they claim millions of naira in contract sum?” The fiery Urhobo – born ex-militant leader stated.

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