Gbagam: See who will determine the next governor of Bayelsa state

“God will determine the next Governor of Bayelsa”—Former APC Chairman

The immediate past chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Bayelsa state, Deacon Joseph Fafi, has predicted that the next governor of the state will emerge through God’s divine intervention in order to answer the peoples’ call for a new beginning and save the people from incidence of insecurity and violent crimes.

The former APC state chairman, while addressing multitude of Bayelsa Women who had gathered in Yenagoa to offer prayers for the Party and the aspiration of Engr. Preye Aganaba, said the continued prayer sessions by the women and other stakeholders in the state will soon be answered by God during the coming governorship primaries and elections in the state.

Deacon Fafi, who encouraged the over 10,000 APC women not to be deterred in their prayers for God’s intervention and emergence of a unifying candidate such as Engr. Preye Aganaba, said “I have seen the vision and God will surely fulfill it. I was not in politics only for the gains.

“I was divinely guided into politics and to work with Engr. Preye Aganaba. Likewise God has always love Bayelsa differently and intervened at every point. God was the one that installed the Governors of the State and he will do it again in answer to our prayers.”

“It is only God that knows why and how. Don’t cease in your prayers and it shall not be in vain. I always say APC will take over the State. I know such vision will be fulfilled as God has ordained it. We shall continue to pray until such vision is fulfilled. We cannot stop praying until issues of insecurity and violent crimes are stopped in the State.”

The Woman Leader and Convener of the Women Prayer group, Madam Timi Koinyan, said the decision to adopt prayers as a means of seeking divine intervention for a new beginning and fresh start for the state was based on the need to have a governor that is young, peaceful and unifying towards the good of the state,”Engr. Preye Aganaba is young and is capable of putting together the divided parts of the State.”

She also said that though the women groups for Engr.Preye Aganaba started with over 3,000 women,”it has grown to 10,000 with more women coming from other political parties to join hands and pray for that desired Governorship candidate like Engr.Preye Aganaba to deliver the state from poverty, crime and cultism.”

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