Gbagam! Two yahoo boys fight dirty, break each other’s head with broken bottles, resume fight in hospital bed

Reports reaching news desk of say two yahoo boys who have been great friends have reportedly engaged in a big fight where one used bottle and designed the head of his friend.

An eye witness told our reporter that while in a beer parlour, enjoying their money, one of them told his colleague to help him remove a bottle cover but the other who felt he was senior and that asking him to help him remove bottle cover was insulting.

This medium learnt that the senior told the other one that he summed up the courage to ask him to remove the bottle cover for him because he has opened ways for him to make money, hence he had the effrontery to ask him to remove bottle cover for him.

The little argument degenerated to a big fight leading to the senior picking a broken bottle and designing the face of the junior with the bottle he picked from the ground.

The fight was so messy that they both injured themselves but the junior received more beating and injuries.

Our source say the junior was rushed to a private hospital where he was given treatment and his injuries bound with bandages.

But the most annoying and funny part of the drama, as we learnt, was that the yahoo boy was crying that he had no face again to collect money from white men as his face is no more presentable to his white people whom he dupes with his deceptive means.

Another funny part of the story was that while in the hospital bed being stitched, our source said he abandoned the doctor, jumped out of the hospital bed, fought with his colleague outside and returned to the hospital bed to continue the stitches.

It was learnt that so much blood flowed at the hospital because of the wound from the yahoo boy’s face.


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