Heartless mother abandons day-old-baby in market toilet in Sapele

By Oghenevwaire Oyibo-itie

A day old baby was on Friday found helpless in one of the public toilets at the Sapele Ultra Modern Market, Sapele.

The cry of the baby attracted security men to the female toilet in the market, only to discover a new born baby, abandoned by her mother.

Eye witnesses said the sight of fresh blood on the floor indicated that the incident occurred not too long but the mother was nowhere to be found.

It was also gathered that the placenta was hurriedly severed from the new born baby.

Our correspondent reported that the baby was later taken to the Central Hospital, Sapele by one Mr. Tony Akpeki, who is the head of security at the market and also assisted in buying clothes and other necessities for the baby.

It was later gathered that the mother of the child was exposed when she started having complications as a result of the placenta in her womb that was not completely expelled.

The baby’s mother (name withheld) was said to be nails and eye lashes fixer at the market and that this was not the first time she had been involved in abandoning her baby, although it was also said that she has a grown up a daughter in secondary school.

As at the time of this report, concern citizens took time out to visit the baby at the hospital with gifts. Many were of the view that the child should be taken to an orphanage home as the mother that rejected her at birth might harm her later if the child is taken back to the mother.



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