HOT TOPIC: Delta Bishop attacks former Governor Uduaghan, says he’s wicked, evil and greedy

Bishop Greatman Nmalagu is the director of media of the association of Anioma Bishops in Delta state. He is also the executive assistant to Delta state governor on religious affairs. In this interview with ETAS ONORIODE, he speaks on the defection of former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan from PDP to the APC, the Buhari’s administration and the 2019 general elections. Enjoy the interview:

The defection of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, former governor of Delta state to the APC, has been generating much controversy within the political class in the state. What do you think about it?

Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan’s defection to APC is a wicked act. It showed that he is the political Judas Iscariot to PDP in Delta state. He is betraying the PDP and her members. He defected to APC with the primary intentions to create problems in the most formidable and trusted political party that made him to serve as the governor for two tenures of eight years.

He is like a man greedily destroying his family for a mere morsel of political position and to seek for protection from the hammer of EFCC under the coverage of APC. His strong and abysmal desire for senatorial position stood between him and God that he failed to listen and accept the ministration from God and advice from people that he should not defect to APC.

He said his defection is to wrestle power from the incumbent Governor Okowa, do you think this is possible?

He said so because he is a greedy man. He and the people promising him the political position as the next Senator to represent Delta South come 2019 are greedy.

They will not succeed by the grace of God. God is behind the present administration of Dr Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa. Dr Uduaghan has evil intentions but God and the good people of Delta state will not allow him to succeed.

People are of the view that Uduaghan’s action of leaving the PDP is an ungrateful act considering all he has benefited from the party?

He is indeed an ungrateful person to PDP and Senator Okowa who laboured tirelessly to make him the governor and to enjoy the office.  He did so because he is a greedy man. He lacks the fear of God, love for God and fellow mankind. He shall do the same thing to APC.  He shall have the experience of a man who planted palm trees in a farm with his family. One day, his family placed a ladder for him to climb one of the palm trees. As he got to the top of the palm tree and saw ripe palm-nuts, he used his legs to push down the ladder.

Not quite long some snakes came out from the palm fronts. Then, because he had pushed down the ladder, he started begging for pardon. That is what will happen to Dr. Uduaghan for been very ungrateful.

Some are of the view that Dr. Uduaghan was spoon fed all through his time in government and does not have any political leverage to contest and win election on his own?

He was truly spoon fed because of the amiable, God fearing and a man of honour, leader, Chief James Onanefe lbori, whom he thought he could influence into APC. As a cousin to our leader, PDP and her entire members gave him the needed support.  Hence, our incumbent governor served as the director general of his elections.

What is your advice to the former governor at this crucial moment when the nation is at the threshold of another political dispensation?

My advice to the former governor, Dr. Uduaghan is that he should drop greed and whatever evil he has in mind against PDP and the incumbent governor.  He should remember how PDP labored tirelessly to ensure that he won elections and how he was given appointments several times before he served as the governor. He should also remember how he and his family professed Jesus Christ all though his tenure. He should make an amendment and return to PDP because no amount of wealth he needs at his age that will be better than the ones he had got.

If he chooses to do evil at his age now, he should remember that posterity will not pardon him.  It is better for him to maintain his political friends and family than running to the people who fought him for a mere morsel of political position which cannot add any weight to his political life.

Please tell Deltans why Okowa should deserve a second tenure?

Governor Okowa deserves a second tenure for too many reasons to mention here.  Examples are he is a developer, in spite of the recession biting hard on the economy of the state, he is still bringing developments to the nooks and crannies of the three senatorial districts of the state on the areas of roads, building of markets, building drainages to control the floods, provision of job opportunities, graduates and non-graduates are benefiting from his job creation efforts, through skill acquisition and empowerment programmes.

He is providing assistance to traders and farmers. He has been assisting farmers and traders, such as market women and cooperative groups through SME programmes, provision of good health care to the sick, pregnant women and children, provision of world class stadium in Asaba and upgrading of the Airport to an international status, empowering and making life very comfortable and meaningful to the handicapped across the state and so on.

Are you satisfied with the government of President Muhammadu Buhari who is preparing to return to power in 2019?

As a true citizen of Nigeria, born before the civil war, l am not satisfied with the government of APC and Muhammadu Buhari. The number of killings, dehumanization and hardship, pains, poverty, political intimidations, joblessness, bad roads and others caused by the present administration are making Nigeria an uncomfortable nation. The religious, political and ethnicity wars in Nigeria presently are threatening the lives of the masses.

Nigerians are in confusion. So many people are preparing to send their children and love ones out of the country before the election. Many southerners, easterners and, westerner are getting set to leave the North to avoid being intimidated and killed by APC faithful, if they are seen voting for another PDP to return to power. So, with all these, nobody is comfortable with the Buhari’s government.

What is your stand on issues of herdsmen killing in the country?

Buhari, being the president of Nigeria and a father to Miyetti Allah, is giving rise to the killings by herdsmen with impunity. Imagine the number of army and other security forces Buhari and APC are using to execute elections but the killer-herdsmen are not looked for or arrested. The blood of innocent people killed and the tears of the living people rendered homeless across the nation, most especially in the North and Middle belt has reached heaven. God and good people of Nigeria and foreigners are not happy.

Therefore, let every Nigerian continue to pray, get ready to vote out Buhari and the APC government. Such can only be possible, if all the plans of APC to use INEC officers, induce the masses with the huge electoral budgets, intimidate the masses and falsify result are thwarted.

Please, comment on the issues of the much talked about restructuring in the country?

Buhari and APC government will not accept restructuring of the nation, unless they are compared to do so by the masses. They will not allow restructuring because that will prevent Buhari from succeeding in Islamizing Nigeria and establishing cattle colonies in the South East, West and Middle Belt. He will not accept restructuring because that will prevent him from carting away our rich oil wells in Niger Delta. That is why he is sinking billions of dollars and naira in building a refinery in the North why he abandons the moribund ones in the south. In fact, Buhari and his cohorts will not allow that. At the moment that is done, it means the good people of Nigeria are free from political enslavement and bad government.

What is the place of religion in politics of today?

Religion is an inevitable part of human existence as politics is part of human existence in a true democratic setting. Therefore, religion and politics cannot be separated. When the two administrative processes are logically applied, that will give us good leadership that will bring about good government.

Although, presently in Nigeria many Christians are just praying and thinking about how to use our positions as Christians to bring good governance by saying that politics is a dirty game forgetting that it is dirty because the righteous ones abandoned it for the unrighteous people. Hence, things are getting worse in Nigeria.

Do you think PDP has the capacity to win the next election at the national level?

PDP has the capacity to win the elections, if after primaries, all the aspirants contesting for the primaries will come together with the entire members of the party and other political parties that are tired with the present administration’s bad rules.

What advice do you have for Nigerians on the next election?

2019 election will decide what Nigeria and her inhabitants will encounter. It will bring the solutions to the problems we are passing through or will worsen the condition which will certainly breakup the nation as a result of so many political maltreatments, religious wars, hardships and violence.

Therefore, let every Nigerian pray hard, come out to vote, defend their votes and try to maintain peace and order, even at the face of intimidations. All good Nigerians in overseas who love Nigeria should come home and seek for the assistance of the foreign nations to prevent the mass rigging of elections and intimidation which may further trigger violence, killing of innocent people and destruction of property.

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