How breastfeeding reduces risk of ovarian cancer, other heart related diseases

The Executive Secretary of Anambra State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr. Chioma Ezenyimulu, says breastfeeding reduces risk of mothers developing breast and ovarian cancer as well as heart related diseases.
Represented by Head of the department of community health services of the agency Dr. Kanayo Onalu during a symposium on breastfeeding in Awka, Dr. Ezenyimulu maintained that breastfeeding improves both the health of babies and that of mothers.
She added that Anambra State Primary Healthcare Development Agency in collaboration with Alive and Thrive Organization’ and other partners is working hard to promote family friendly policies for enhanced breastfeeding in the state.
According to her, breastfeeding is one of the best approaches in global health in saving lives, improving health, developing individuals and promoting economic development.
The state breastfeeding coordinator, Anambra State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Mrs. Joy Eberendu, said the symposium was aimed at explaining the concept of breastfeeding as well as benefits associated with exclusive breastfeeding.
She commended Alive and Thrive Partners, for its support to encourage and promote exclusive breastfeeding in the State.
Alive and Thrive Zonal Co-ordinator, Mrs. Gloria Eneh emphasized that breast milk contributes to child’s brain development, increases intelligence and lifelong productivity.
She urged healthcare providers to identify and correct any misconception about exclusive breastfeeding and support the baby friendly initiative, by educating women on proper steps for successful breastfeeding

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