How my husband tortured, stabbed me because I refused to collect money for offering prayers for people – woman cries


She was actually born to be a prophetess. Not that she was made by men, but before she was born, the prophecy had gone out, while she was still in conception. And after she was born, the prophetic gift began to manifest. Her dream, as she confessed to in Asaba, was to follow God’s blueprint for her life. However, there were multiple gang-ups against her life. The gang-ups were aimed at robbing her of God’s plan.

Her name is Mrs. Promise Lazarus, a mother of three children in Asaba, the capital of Delta state. After birth, she was determined to go according to God’s plan for her life. She grew up in her father’s house and got married. According to her, she and her husband were living fine, having been brought up from poor parentage. Her husband was an okada rider in the state capital. She said: “I was gifted by God. My mother gave birth to me and called me Ozioma. Many people prophesied that before I came to the world I will only do the work of God in my life.”

Mrs. Lazarus further said: “As I was growing in my father’s house, the gift began to manifest. From childhood, I was doing the work of God till I got married. I got a place for the house of God, people were coming from everywhere, from different states and God was blessing their lives through my ministry. But all of a sudden, my husband changed and told me to start collecting money from the people that come to me for prayers. But I refused and that was the beginning of my travails.”

For her, the gift was from God and it would be unfair for her to collect money from people, which was not the original plan of God for her life. She said: “I said I will do the work of God as God directed me. Whenever I tried to charge people money, in the night, I will not sleep well. Angels will be flogging me, then I stopped charging people. But my husband was not ready for that. His mother called him and said you cannot marry a prophetess and still be poor while others are riding jeeps and building big houses. But I was not ready for that.”

The persecution began to rise until her husband even connived with other pastors to make her and the family to get quick wealth from her prophetic gift. In the midst of all this, she refused to bow to the pressure saying it was not God’s will for her to go against God’s blueprint for her.

She told that she and her children were thereafter driven from the house for failing to do her husband’s bidding. This, the husband did in collaboration with her mother-in-law. But even at that, people were still coming to her for ministrations at the church premises where she relocated and converted to her house. She said people were coming from Nigeria and abroad to visit her. She said God has used her to bless so many people in the country.

She said her insistence on doing God’s will against the wish of her husband and mother-in-law led to series of plots to terminate her life. She said: “One day, I went to the mountain, my church members, found a place for me and I was there praying when my husband traced me there with a cutlass. He said he will kill me because I did not accept what he said. Immediately he started cutting me, my son ran to call the police. As soon as he saw the police, he took knife and stabbed himself. I was later rushed to the Federal Medical Centre and the following day, I heard he was dead and in the mortuary.”

Mrs. Lazarus said while in the hospital, she had no money to take care of herself, her church members were her caregivers while her treatment lasted. She was in the hospital for over nine months. She said her clothes were seized by her husband and she was left with nothing even as she was leaving the hospital. The name of her ministry is Jesus Strength Deliverance and Prayer Ministry situated in Asaba, the Delta state capital.

She was married for 15 years before the ugly incident occurred. She had no other work doing other than the work of the gospel. Mrs. Lazarus was among the 25 patients whose medical bills were paid by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s wife on Tuesday September 11, 2018 at the premises of the FMC in Asaba. The governor’s wife, Dame Edith Okowa, spent N5.1million to offset the bills of the 25 patients. Her bill was not less than N500,000 for the period coupled with the months she spent for her inability to raise the bill after being discharged from the hospital.

Having been discharged from the FMC and bills paid by the governor’s wife, she said: “I don’t have any house, as I am going out with my bag, anywhere I see I will lay my head. I will carry my bag and move along the road, anybody that helps me, and gives me house I will enter. I will stay and pray and hear from God. I will not direct myself. My God will direct me, school has resumed, no money for school fees, as I carry my bag and move along, the first thing I will do is to go to the mountain.

“Anybody that can accept my children, I will drop them there and go to the mountain to cry to God because where I was doing the ministry, they collected it from me and destroyed what the church members built for our worship.

“As I am here now, I am empty. It was the members of the church that took care of me at the hospital for nine months. I will go to the mountain, hear from God and know where he will put me. Man cannot direct me how I will do, only God will direct me.”





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