Human rights group sends STRONG message to Adeyinka, new police commissioner in Delta

Delta state chapter of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights on Monday, sent a welcome message to the commissioner of police, Adeleke Adeyinka, newly posted to Delta state police command.

In a statement made available to, Delta state chairman of the group, Prince Kehinde Taiga, the human rights group identified certain areas where the commissioner is seriously needed to look into and bring immediate changes.

The group identified issues of extortion, illegal arrest, undue detention, saying these matters should be seen as urgent issues which needed urgent attention by the new police commissioner.

Prince Taiga said extortion by police officers is one of the factors contributing to the downfall of the police force as men of the force are bent on extorting money from members of the public through various dubious means.

He identified Warri, Ekpan where junior officers and others as major players in the business of extortion in the state, adding that they label their victims as yahoo boys and collect huge money from them.

According to him, police in Delta are great at extorting money from unsuspecting members of the public, adding: “They do not respect the administration of criminal justice law, they arrest and raise allegations on suspects in a bid to extort money from them.

“They extort money from motorists, tricycle riders, Okada riders and others, we urge the new commissioner to address these issues and bring sanity to the system in the state.

“The present commissioner must not follow the foot step of the previous commissioner who brought corruption to Delta through the SOS establishment, before his unqualified Promotion to DIG.”

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