I’m not surprised at what happened at NASS, I predicted it months before today – PDP chieftain

Chief Sunny Onuesoke, a PDP chieftain in Delta state, on Tuesday said that what transpired at the National Assembly was not shocking to him, saying he had predicted it months before today that many senators would defect from the APC to the PDP.

In a statement mailed directly to Emeraldng.com, the PDP bigwig said he has 21 national publicatioons where he predicted the what transpired at the senate and the and the house of representatives.

According to him: “In my presentation in January 2018 I said PDP will become majority before the primaries.

“What is playing out is a replay of 2014 by same elites and the ruling class against Ex President Goodluck Jonathan when the same people who decamped today were the same persons who did it in 2014.

“In the true sense of it, democracy is playing out for the fact that you are entitled to any party you want to decamp to and become a member of such party.

“As for the development of our political parties, it is not healthy to be reckoned with. There is a popular saying in Warri and I quote (do me I do you God nor dey vex). Buhari and Tinubu deserve what is happening to APC today.

“As for the police laying siege in official residence of the senate president this morning could be termed rasicality of the highest order by the executives.

“It is total abberation from the rule of law. Maybe that was why Buhari quickly ran to sign the executive order 6  to embarrass any citizen he so deserves to deal with.

“It is a shame on the part of the security agency in Nigeria as of this jet age that IGP could send troops to the house of the senate president instead of inviting him officially and Saraki will respond. Is another dark day in the history of Nigeria.”



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