INTERVIEW: Buhari should quit the political scene now that the ovation is hot and high – Onuesoke

Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta state, Sunny Onuesoke, ha said in this interview that President Muhammadu Buhari has disappointed Nigerians. He said he has drawn the hand of the clock back. Hence, he said it will do him good if he steps down now that the ovation is high, loud and sweet. Excerpt:

Three years of Buhari administration, how will you describe the journey so far?

It is called three years of massive misrule. The three years is an error in Nigeria history. It will take Nigerians half a century to wipe it away from our minds and memories. It’s a mental torture on Nigerians including APC as a party. It’s the worst Nigerians did to call for a change. Where do we stand today if you want to compare the wasted years of PMB in the historical journey of Nigeria as a nation. Buhari took Nigerians back to the development we took in 1976. As for me I regret the wasted years as a dent to my biological counts.

Has he done anything differently from PDP government since he became president?

Yes. Things like increasing the fuel pump price, terminating close to 12,342 manufacturing and small scale factories all over the country, killing the health, education and the aviation sectors. From N145 to #489 per dollar. Scaring away prospective investors with his unguarded utterances. He is completely different from PDP . PDP was a fast growing party with solid all embracing ideals and suddenly APC came and crashed all the efforts and development PDP took pains to build for 16 good years.

The president said his focus will be on three key areas security, economy and war against corruption. How has he fared on these areas?

What the president was saying to Nigerians was that he came to leadership with three points agenda to create insecurity, increase inflation and, thirdly he came to leadership with the promise to institute corruption like what is going on now at Aso Rock and environs. How do you grow economy with insecurity, corruption and massive killing all over the places. There is no normal foreign investor that will stake his efforts, money and time in such horrible situation we are now in today in Nigeria.

The president on his inauguration also said he is president for everybody and for nobody. Has he lived up to that promise?

For sure he has lived up to that promise. From his one sided appointment you will know what I mean. For trying to construct railway routes to Niger and Chad that shows he is for everybody but for nobody. Appointing Fulanis alone into strategic institutions shows he is for every but nobody. We are currently leaving a dangerous era of our history.

It took the president over six months to constitute his cabinet and three years down the line, he has not reshuffled. What do you think is responsible for this?

He has the right to reshuffle and not to reshuffle. Supposedly the team is doing well that means there is no need to reshuffle. Like I will always say Buhari is just out to rule with what I call the policy of vindictive and pay back over the years of what he perceives as what was done against him way back then in the 80s. He was not prepared to rule and he never knew Jonathan was not ready to spill any blood of Nigerians because he wanted to continue as head of state. Because he was not prepared to rule, he never prepared the list of his proposed ministers that was why it took him time to constitute his cabinet.

How will you assess his relationship with the National Assembly?

100% zero friendship relationship. That is the worst the country has experienced with the executive and legislature since 1960. An executive that doesn’t respect the federal legislature. What are you talking about? A legislature that cannot enforce their laws and orders. We have no legislature in Nigeria especially at the federal level. Our problem in Nigeria is purely about not telling the truth. What is a legislature that can’t implement her decisions.

Having declared for re-election, do you see him winning in 2019 if he becomes the flag bearer of APC?

That question is strange. APC is already fragmented into ashes and various split groups. Like I said earlier APC is totally dead. Those that installed them have almost left the party. No need discussing their victory. Is better Nigerians start thinking how to manage their failure come May 29, 2019. The game is over and the so called kitchen cabinet is aware of it. APC is playing with time just to complete the mess they started in 2015.

Some prominent Nigerians have asked him not to seek re-election, should he heed this counsel?

The choice remains within him if he wants to disgrace himself out of power or not. Nigerians have made up their minds not to vote APC again. As for me, I will advise Buhari as a father to the nation to allow peace reign. If he knows what is good for a decent man like him to do is to quit when the ovation is hot. But from indications Buhari will heed the call of Nigerians and he will not contest.

Having experienced both APC and PDP, is there any difference between the two?

Big and large differences. Is like comparing black to white .How could you compare orange to apple. PDP is a refined political institution compare to adhoc setting like APC. We have the best of hands politically in PDP compare to APC. PDP is made up of refined presidential materials like GEJ, late Yar Adua, ATIKU and others too numerous to mention because of time and space. Please there is no legitimate index for now to compare great PDP to such a low breed political gathering called APC.

What are your expectations for the 2019 presidential election?

Expectations are already settled by the hand writing on the wall. From all indications, APC has accepted defeat and failure. All Buhari and his clueless government should immediately do now is to apologize before the end of the second quarter of 2018. How could Buhari tell Nigerians that he wants to contest for second term? It’s totally unacceptable to his APC and Nigerians in general.

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