IYC makes statement on flooding in the Niger Delta, demands urgent intervention from the FG


The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) worldwide has called for the intervention of the federal government and international agencies to ameliorate the suffering of inhabitants of communities ravaged by flood in the Niger Delta region.

The President of the IYC, Eric Omare made the call while visiting some communities affected by flood in parts of Delta and Bayelsa States on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. Flood has taken over several riverine communities in many parts of the Niger Delta region especially in Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Edo and Akwa Ibom state.

States like Bayelsa with mainly riverine communities is worst affected with more than ninety percent of the state taken over by flood. Also in Delta State, all the riverine local government areas such as Burutu, Bomadi, Patani, parts of Warri South West, Warri North, Isoko South and North, Ndokwa and Anoicha are all heavily affected by the flood.

The IYC President noted that the severity of the flood is such that it is now beyond the capacity of the local and state governments to cater for the welfare of those affected hence the call on the federal government and international humanitarian agencies to intervene.

It is the view of the IYC that even after the flooding period, those affected would need a lot of support to resettle back in their communities in the areas of clothing, food, housing and provision of social amenities that are affected by the flood. These facilities cannot only be provided by the local and state government and needs the intervention of the federal government and international humanitarian organizations.

The IYC also state that the flood situation in the Niger Delta region has degenerated to a humanitarian crisis and requires the intervention of people and organizations all over the world to address the situation.


Eric Omare,

President, IYC



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