JUST IN: How outgone UPU youth wing executive disappointed Urhobo nation – outgoing secretary

Outgoing secretary of the Urhobo Progress Union (Youth Wing) Comrade Efemena Umukoro, has said that the outgoing executive of the youth wing disappointed the Urhobo nation just as he said that as a team, the executive failed but as an individual he did much for the Urhobo nation.

According to Oasis Magazine online, Umukoro listed the good roles he played towards the success of the outgone executive even as he played a critical role in the emergence of the president of the student union government of Delta state university, Abraka. He also said he played a major role in the emergence of Louis Anidi, the outgone president, noting that he would do it again.

He said: “I can boldly say I have promoted Urhobo culture overtime. Look at the roles I played in the Aladja and Ogbe-Ijoh crisis where I was able to visit the troubled community. Even in the Elozino saga, the DELSU student that was killed by ritualists, I mobilized Urhobo youths and we stood firm against injustice and even visited the family of the deceased.”

He called on the Ex- president of the youth wing to tender apology to Urhobo youths for allegedly failing rather than expressing shock as he stated in the Oasis Magazine publication. He said that the dissolution of the executive was in the right order as it was overdue.

According to him, the move by the national executive of UPU is a welcomed development, adding that “not again will an individual who does not have the interest of Urhobo nation sit over the affairs of the youth body.”

He said: “Before now you will recall how I was assaulted by the president over administrative issues. The parent body in their own wisdom after 17 kingdom members signed an impeachment order against the president, the PG then declined our request.

“Now how can the Urhobo youth president who ought to promote Urhobo nation by dress code, behaviour and approach to issues will only talk and come out when money is involved?

“How can an Urhobo youth president go to a traditional occasion with the PG and he is dressed in a jeans trouser and shirt? What is he telling other ethnic nationalities and Urhobo nation? Urhobo youths look up to us as role models in our dress code, public attitude and how we speak.

“We have not had it this bad in UPU youth wing. In the over one year we served, there was no single project that we did. I don’t want to talk much in public but if he pushes me out I shall come out with the documentation of the impeachment order and other facts and I believe he will not like it.”

Furthermore, he congratulated Anthony Igho Ovie, saying that he has no doubt that he (Ovie) will deliver while he leads the Urhobo youths once again after his tenure then that witnessed progress for Urhobo youths and the nation in general.

He continued: “Igho is a bridge builder, a peace maker and intellectually capable. He will do exploits. In his first tenure, we had the first ever Urhobo youth summit and I functioned as the publicity secretary then.”

“I will be glad to also assist Ovie Igho Anthony any way I can.”

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