JUST IN: PDP chieftain takes Sagay to the cleaners, says when going to the US becomes qualification for emerging Nigeria’s president

Chieftian of the Peoples Democratic Party in Delta state, Sunny Onuesoke, has challenged the chairman of the presidential advisory committee against corruption (PACAC), Prof. Itse Sagay, to show Nigerians where it is written in the constitution that one must visit the US before the individual could become president of Nigeria.

Onuesoke, in a statement released by his special assistant on new media, Agadagba Steven, expressed concerns that Sagay has cultivated the habit of dabbling into matters that are of no concern to him, describing him as a man with high proclivity to spread hate speeches in the country.

Prof Itse Sagay in a interview said that former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has disqualified himself from the presidential race because the former Atiku had said he could be president without going to the United States.

However, in his reaction to the statement credited to the PACAC chairman, Onuesoke challenged him to tell Nigerians where it is stated in the constitution that one must visit the US before he could become president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The statement reads: “Ordinarily, we would have ignored Sagay whose statements and attitude portray him as a man with high proclivity for spreading hate speeches and a penchant for spreading falsehood instead of a  learned Professor of Law.

“However, in his characteristic way of dishing out falsehood to unsuspecting Nigerians, he showed that he deliberately wants to undermine the reputation of the former vice president, being a frontline contender for the office of the president. Therefore we believe he should be put in his proper place.

“As a professor of law, he should be bold enough to tell Nigerians where it is stated in the constitution that you must visit the US before you can become the president of Nigeria or what is the connection between going to the US and becoming the president of Nigeria?

“What significant outcome can he point to since his paymaster, President Buhari, visited the US? How many investment has US brought or invested after the numerous visits? Or is it the embargo US placed on Nigeria by not buying our crude oil?

“Is visiting the US now a yardstick to determine who is qualified to run the presidential race? It’s glaring to all that Prof. Itse Sagay is just playing to the gallery in order to please his paymaster, who has admitted in public that it has become difficult to defend this administration”, Onuesoke queried Sagay.

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