Medical expert offers to sponsor world renowned neurologists, others to ascertain Buhari’s health status


A medical expert and immediate past Delta commissioner for health, Dr. Nicholas Azinge, has offered free medical diagnosis for President Muhammadu Buhari to ascertain if he actually has dementia as speculated by a section of the public from his recent outings in Delta state APC campaign rally and town hall interview on the National Television Authority (NTA).

Azinge made this offer during an interview to confirm the veracity of the public claims that the president may have dementia which has resulted in incoherence in his responses at the town-hall interview and other public functions.

He stated that he has read series of speculations on the social media regarding the health of the president, alleging that he may be suffering dementia but revealed that only medical diagnosis could prove so.

He said that as a renowned medical professional in active practice for close to 35 years that though, some of the public observations look so intelligent but, only medical diagnosis could put the alleged speculation on the president’s health to rest.

In his words: “As a consultant physician and practicing doctor for 34 years, an internist of repute with international standard and otherwise, most of the observations made by some of the persons are very intelligent and brilliant views.  One may tend to agree with the views but only diagnosis could prove if our president is suffering from Alzheimer’s Dementia (AD)”.

While defining Alzheimer’s dementia, the medical expert said: “Alzheimer’s dementia otherwise known as AD, is the most common form of dementia in the world today.

“It is characterized by a progressive decline in cognitive functioning; learning new tasks and information gradually becomes more difficult; Memory impairment sets in, with memory loss for facts and recent events”, he explained.

Continuing, Azinge said persons suffering from AD develop difficulty in both expressive and receptive language, such as pronouncing familiar objects of people’s names, understanding language in English and other languages they spoke before, adding that advancing in age is the most importantrRisk factor for AD.

He pointed other risk factors to include, positive family history; down syndrome and Apo lipoprotein; and E4 genotype, saying that understanding of the above mentioned risk factors and symptoms would offer the public properly views of what AD is.

He noted that there is need for the handlers of President Buhari to consult medical experts for proper diagnosis saying that he is offering to provide the medical care free of charge to the president in collaboration with team of world renowned neurologists based outside the country to carry out proper diagnosis on the President to ascertain if he has AD or other kind of diseases. This will be my contribution to the nation as a way of giving back to the society which we all belong.

Azinge stated that in his 34 years sojourn as a doctor and physician, with 18 specialist physicians in the United States of America, he has never seen where handlers of head of state hide the health status of the number  one citizen of the country or fail to get an Independent/Bi-partisan neutral physician or neurologist to tell Nigerians the state of our dearly beloved president’s health.

“Let’s put politics aside but think more on things that unite us as one Nigeria, united by one bond and love, unity in diversity building the nation to become a better place for us all and do things the right way”, he admonished.


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