Militant group SPEAKS to south south governors, WARNS Ex-Agitators as CJN drama with Buhari makes headlines

A Niger Delta militant groups, Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) has warned against threats of attack on oil facilities in the creek of the region by a coalition of Ex Agitators following the trial of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, over his failure to declare his assets after taking office would be resisted.

The RNDA, led by Major General John Mark Ezonebi aka Obama, after  a crucial meeting with various unit commanders at Benin River in Delta state to appraise burning national issues, called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the presidency to ignore and disregard the purported empty threats made by the self acclaimed ex agitators.

According to the group, though investigations have revealed that those involved in threats are alleged criminal elements who are non-existing anywhere in the creeks of Niger Delta, it is discovered that they are being used by ‘some disgruntled looters of our national treasury and chieftains of oppositions.’

The statement, made available to newsmen via email, stated: “The RNDA has warned the group to desist from their incessant careless empty threat statements, otherwise, the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers with the coalition of nine militant groups will smoke them out from their hiding  places in the cities and expose their sponsors and co travelers in their ill fated journey and they should not forget so soon how the RNDA with his affiliates brought the defunct NDA activities to stand still in the creek.

“The RNDA, however, warned the South South governors not to politicise the issue of non declaration of assets by the CJN who is the head of an arm of government saddled with the responsibility of interpreting the constitution, moreso when it is alleged that three million dollars was found in one of his foreign account which is a grievous criminal offence against his highly exalted office according to the sections being prescribed in the code of conduct bureau established in the 1999 constitution as amended.

“The the South South governors made up of more PDP governors should not support any form of illegality and should not compromise corruption allegations on the issue on ground that is indicting the CJN devoid of ethnicity or wherever he came from in the Niger Delta region but look at the matter based on its merits.

“RNDA as a group is not surprised over the stands of the South south governors on this matter because they are used to corruption which has been the bane of neglect that led to the under development of the Niger Delta region, so we are not surprise at their stand.

“We expect the South South governors to join hands with Mr. president to fight corruption because corruption has been the pivot why the region has not been developed in tandem with its huge economic importance to the country over the years particularly during the PDP sixteen wasted years of misrule.

“More so the governors of the Niger Delta have not been able to account for the 13% derivation funds from the proceeds of crude oil which has amounted to trillions of naira that runs into the pocket of these governors and their cronies in foreign accounts in abroad.

“In the first place these monies are meant for the direct development of the oil producing communities in the creek of Niger Delta but the story is a sad tale against the constitutional provisions of this 13%percent funds but in the appropriate time when we get that bridge we are going to address this issue and this abnormalities will be corrected.

“The RNDA with the coalition of the nine militant groups in the creek that accepted the ceasefire agreement with the federal government to enter dialogue for the interest of peace and development in the region on the 21st of August 2016 want to use this opportunity to re endorse president Muhammadu Buhari for another second term in office to enable the president complete the good works he has  done so far in the country, most especially the anti corruption fight and rebuilding of the decayed infrastructure in the country.

“More so Mr president anti corruption war is highly commended by the international communities across the globe wish is a welcome development and it is on record that president Muhammadu Buhari led APC federal government is the only government that has shown much commitment and willingness to address the under developmental challenges confronting the long neglected region and therefore we the RNDA with the coalition of the nine militant groups in the Creek declared our on aloid support to president Muhammadu Buhari for second term”.

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