My life under serious threat, online publisher cries out as APC chieftain responds to allegations against him

Mrs Ikodiya Uche, an APC chieftain and supporter of Orji Kalu has threatened to deal with IGBERE TV director, Emeh James Anyalekwa, over a report published on IGBERE TV website on the health condition of former governor of Abia state, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, in a German hospital.

IGBERE TV had Wednesday night reported about the disturbing development after another news platform, TheWorldNewsCable, broke the news of Kalu sliding into coma after an emergency in a Wisebaden, Germany hospital.

The report which went viral has been corroborated by events that followed over the next 48 hours, with Kalu’s wife personally confirming to IGBERE TV that Kalu actually underwent a major surgery but had “regained consciousness” and needed close attention over extended period.

IGBERE TV wish to state that as journalists, we discharge our duties at all times without sentiment. The said report was not carried to spite or belittle Orji Kalu, who is well known to be a major benefactor of our director, but rather to inform our teeming readers of events that will be of interest to them.

We also wish to use this medium to put the world on notice that if anything untoward happens to our director, Emeh James Anyalekwa or any of our reporters or editors, Mrs. Ikodiya Uche shall be held wholly responsible.

Anyalekwa is the National President of Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN).



I am a journalist from Asaba. We heard you threatened James Emeh, publisher of Igberetv in Abia state over the report he made concerning Orji Uzor Kalu

Let me tell you something, that Igberetv, Orji Uzor Kalu made him, ask him very well.  He is always in Orji Uzor Kalu’s house. I don’t see any reason if your boss is sick, you will be the first person to be nailing him up in the newspaper. I called him as a brother I know at Orji Uzor Kalu’s house. I told him, can you imagine the damage you have done to Orji Uzor Kalu’s name?

But he said the story was confirmed by Orji’s wife that he did surgery…

No! He is lying, Orji Kalu’s wife did not talk with him. He does not have the wife’s number. He should stop lying. It’s a lie. He did it because this is political season. But when politics is over, he will be in Kalu’s house. I did not threaten him. I don’t threaten people. I am not a publisher, I am not a journalist. I just called him as a boy I do see in Orji Uzor Kalu’s house. And I told him what he is doing to his brother is not good. Orji is from the same village with him. Orji is from Igbere. I said be very careful so that you don’t end your life.

I have never seen somebody who did that to somebody who helped him in life. I have never seen that kind of person. Orji Kalu will never say anything against him. But he will start suffering it, it’s nemesis. That’s what they call it. You can’t be so bad because of money. Orji made you, he gave you everything you are using, why should you insult this man like this. How much did they pay to do that?

Asked that being a public figure, and that being not fine, it is normal that journalists do stories…

No! no!! no!!! no!!!! no!!!!! it was not so he reported it. Orji Kalu was never in coma, He was never in coma. Everybody in Nigeria knows that Kalu is asthmatic. He does not hide it. Even in the public, he will put on his inhaler and start taking it. He was never in a coma. You know he is a very busy man. The wife just catapulted him to go and remove a lump in him.

If somebody makes you now, will you be part of the people that will be insulting him. Is it good? How much did they pay him to do that? I just called him as a boy that I know. Do you know the calamity he caused with that thing he posted? The whole Nigeria, everybody was calling Orji Kalu. At a time, he had to put off his phone, the embarrassment was too much.

I spoke with somebody that is with him and the person said it was Igberetv that did it. Orji felt bad and when I called Orji, he was like crying. Orji said, look, it is Igberetv, that boy that was always in my house that I made with my money. He felt so bad. I called him and asked why will you do this to your uncle, your own brother, even though somebody tells me to do that kind of thing I won’t do it. I respect people that help me in my life. I can never forget the good thing somebody did to me in my life.

I hate hurting people in my life. Igberetv does not know me very well, you see that thing he posted on facebook against me, I will not say anything. Talking to him is belittling myself, I’m bringing myself down.  I will never call him again, I will never tell him to remove that thing, let him keep broadcasting it because it will make me to be more popular.

I did not threaten his life, I don’t threaten people’s life. But the day he will see me one on one anywhere, he will have the cause to start regretting his life.



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