NEWSEXTRA: See the amphibious jet car a Nigerian man, a renowned inventor, singlehandedly designed (It can run on land, sea and air)


Mr. Kehinde Obasanjo is a Nigerian of Ogun state origin. He is of Ijaye in Abeokuta north local government area of the state. However, he was born and bred in Lagos Island area of Lagos state. Obasanjo who called himself a renowned inventor in Nigeria had lived in Lagos for many years prior to inventing what he called an aero amphibious jet car.

According to Obasanjo, the jet car can move on land, water and air but of the three operations, he has been able to achieve two which is land and water. To prove that the jet car could move on land, he drove the car from Lagos through Warri to Port Harcourt and thereafter to Owerri through Onitsha to Asaba where our reporter met him at the Niger Bridge head on the Asaba axis.

Obasanjo told our reporter that “You just need to press the bottom and it takes off and began to move. You negotiate your direction and you move, you can go up to 150ft above sea level. We built it here in Nigeria. It can move on land, sea and air. But for now, it moves on land and sea. I’m yet to raise the money to make it fly. If I have the money, I will make it fly, but as at present, it moves only on land and sea.”

He said he was inspired by his creative instinct to design the jet car. He said he has seen other countries excelling in technologies and out of curiosity; he delved into it and made a breakthrough. He said Nigerians can do anything when there is assistance from the government of the day. But the unwillingness of the Nigerian government to assist citizens to develop their potentials is hindering development in the nation.

He said he has driven the jet car for many years, saying CNN had reported the Nigerian made jet car a few months ago. He said he had visited, many states in Nigeria with their amphibious jet car. He listed Ibadan, Ogun state, Ondo, Imo, Anambra, Delta and Bayelsa and as at the time our reporter cornered him in Asaba, he said he was proceeding to the northern states of Nigeria.

On how long it took him from Lagos to Delta, he said: “From Lagos to Asaba, it took me 12 hours 30 minutes. That was because of the disturbance on the road. As you stop me now, a lot of people stop me like that, take pictures, make comments, post on facebook, that is what always delays me. If not I won’t move more than 9 hours but it took me 12 hours 30 minutes from Lagos to reach here. It was so because I went round Warri, Port Harcourt through to Onitsha.”

When asked whether it is either petrol or diesel the car uses, he said the jet car uses both. He said the Nigerian government should create opportunity for creative Nigerians to showcase their talents and boost the economy of the country. He is of the belief that if Nigerian government opens opportunity for young Nigerians, many will excel and those moving out of the country to others will not do so.

“Government should promote enabling environment and provide funds for us to boost our economy, it will create more jobs. Just as what China and Germany are doing. If government should support us, it will boost our economy. Government should come to our aid, support us and we mass produce this jet cars. I’m directing this to President Muhammadu Buhari. He should take this matter up, it will help our country. It will boost our transportation and grow our economy.”


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