Niger Delta activist charges IOCs to support people oriented programmes in the region

The national coordinator of Center for Environmental Peace and Justice (CEPEJ), Comrade Sheriff Mulade, has appealed to international oil companies, IOCs, operating in the Niger-Delta region to support people oriented programmes aimed at sensitizing citizens especially those in the Niger Delta on the dangers associated with environmental pollution and its concomitant negative effects on the peoples’ lives, environment and the economy at large.

The environmental right activist, who expressed concern over the recent spate of crude oil related pipeline explosion and vandalism, noted that there is urgent need to educate Niger Deltans and Nigerians on their inclusive role of protecting oil and gas facilities and the environment from internal and external threats of vandalism, spillage and sabotage.

Speaking with journalist in Abuja, the federal  capital territory of Nigeria, Comrade Mulade said the IOCs have a crucial role to play in contributing to environmental peace and security in the Niger-Delta by supporting programmes organized by CEPEJ to educate the people on the benefits of securing oil and gas installations so as to preserve their environment for the next generation and also contribute to robust profit for the oil companies and boost the Nigerian economy.

In his statement, Mulade said: “There is urgent need to protect and minimize environmental pollution, we are calling on the IOCs to support –non-governmental organisations, having programmes to raise consciousness of protecting our environment from further deteriorating because the environmental hazards emanating from illegal oil bunkering, pipeline vandalism, crude oil theft and related social vices are more dangerous”.

Mulade also stressed the need for government at all levels to partner with CEPEJ to promote Programmes that will proffer solutions to peculiar issues such as internal and external conflict, social exclusion and political marginalisation, health, hunger, unemployment, crime and social conflicts that bedevils the people.


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